You can’t forget that encounter with your master, your God Loki. He spoiled you. He took you for his own selfish pleasure, and you loved every second of it. 

It has been a week, and he has not made eye contact with you since, and it’s killing you.

You wonder if he has thought about you at all, if he lies awake at night wondering where you are or what you’re doing. Perhaps he doesn’t care. You are just another female to enter his chambers, after all. You know he’s had countless women. Why should you be any different?

Perhaps you expected it to happen again. How foolish of you to think such a thing. You are nothing. No one.

Loki sits upon the throne of Asguard. The hall is empty apart from his guards. He appears to be in thoughtful silence, his chin propped up by the palm of his hand. He hasn’t noticed you there, watching him. Or so you think.

‘Why do you hide in the shadows, my pet?’ he calls, his voice echoing through the chamber.

You step out from behind the pillar you had been hiding behind.

‘Come here.’ He beckons you forwards with his slender, pale fingers.

With shaking legs you walk across the great hall, your footsteps echoing loudly. The chink of the guard’s armour is the only other sound in the hall.

You reach the Throne of Asguard and kneel before him, your head bowed.

‘My King,’ you whisper, staring at the polished floor.

‘Guards, be gone,’ Loki commands his men. They pause, unsure as to whether they should leave their post.

‘I said be gone!’ Loki bellows, and they disperse at once, leaving you alone with the God.

You look up at him. He sits upon his throne with his legs spread wide, heavy boots on his feet. He is slumped, his elbows propped upon the armrests. He seems bored.

Now that you are alone, Loki purses his lips and studies you.

‘Amuse me,’ he orders you.

‘My King?’ you say, unsure of what it is he wants.

‘Entertain me, girl,’ he sneers, revelling in your discomfort.

You’ve waited for this moment all week.

Standing before him, you begin to undress – slowly. He watches you eagerly, a malicious glint in his eyes. He can’t help but lean forward, all the better to watch you.

You’re not sure if this is what he meant be ‘entertainment’ but you don’t hear him complaining.

Loki swallows, and you can see his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. He shifts upon the throne, the bulge in his pants increasingly obvious.

This gives you confidence.

Now completely naked, you stand before him, your head held high.

‘Come here,’ he orders, and you obey.

Standing mere inches away from him, he studies your body before reaching out and grasping your waist. To your surprise he turns you around so you are no longer facing him.

His cold hands run over your smooth bottom, before tracing along the inside of your thigh. Goose bumps erupt over your flesh at his delicate touch.

Soon, he is standing behind you. You can feel his cold armour against your back.

You respond to his touch, your nipples becoming hard.

‘Someone might see,’ you dare to whisper.

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