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Pen Your Pride

The Doctor's sat at the end of my bed, cradling a bundle of blankets. There's a smile brighter than the world itself upon his face. He coos towards the bundle, the bundle coo's back. I'm tired and groggy..He doesn't know I'm awake. The thoughts of the previous night flicker through my mind. 
"Did I..Did I give birth.." I whisper. The Doctor's head snaps up. A small smile appears on his face.
"How nice of you to join us Rose."
"Please tell me what happened.." The Doctor takes a deep breath before launching into his descriptatory speech.

"This is our daughter. Our daughter as in the birds and the bees. You didn't know you were pregnant, nor did Amy or Rory. It was unbeknownst to them. But I knew. I'm a timelord Rose, this is what happens. Pregnancy for timelords is often..unrecognised.  Back when timelords were around pregnancy was uncommon. Generally someone wouldn't even know they were pregnant until mid pregnancy - The timebaby would suddenly begin to grow at an alarming rate causing intense pain for the mother. Once the baby has been born they grow rappidly. This little girl here will be the size of a two year old within the week."

Tears drench my cheeks as I remember Rory's shock over what he discovered in my stomach. A baby? That's not possible. I can't be a mother..The Doctor stands up and places her in a wooden cot by my bed. Peeking into it the tears flow even harder. She has a tuft of brown hair on her soft head, brown eyes. She's a spitting image of the Doctor. Slowly I reach down into the crib, lifting out the unfamiliar child and cradling her close. She smiles at me, small stubs of teeth already showing. My heart melts. So soft, she strokes my face with her tiny palm.  She looks at least 6 months old. 
"Inara." I whisper to myself. The Doctor - still standing at the end of my bed stiffens.
"What was that?"
"Inara. Her name is Inara." The Doctor approaches, lunging for me. His lips crash against mine as baby Inara giggles at my side.
"I love you." He whispers, tears glistening his cheeks. "We're a family now." 

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