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i faked a smile after our debut, heading back to our agency with my group mates to celebrate our debut.

my group mates and i received a glass of lemon juice. we were not supposed to drink as our face might get puffy or bloated.

the staffs, seniors and ceo joined in. they raised their glasses as ceo yoon ranted.

"for g-four's debut," she ranted. "geonbae!"
"geonbae!" we all toasted.

"congratulations dear hoobaes!"

they congratulated us. after sitting there, i decided to pretend to be sick and i went back to the dorm. ugh. this is no fun though.

i laid down my bed, still thinking about him.

he had his debut at the same time as mine. is he celebrating right now?

i was not satisfied with what happened after i got scouted. it was totally horrible that i had to do a starvation diet, exercises, singing until my vocal is ruined and more. my dad died in a car accident as he went to visit me. if i did not live in the dorm, there would be no reason for them to come and visit me. therefore, it was all my fault.

i made so many mistakes but everyone told me that i am too perfect. i felt guilty. when can i stop being so sorry to someone?

dear kim taehyung,

annyeong taetae :) did your debut go well? i hope it did though. i know that we could not share the same stage but i am always here, supporting you. yah. i am your biggest number one fan in the whole universe, okay? hihihi.

i actually realized that we can share the same stage if i invite you as a guest to my concert someday. but it depends on our agencies. they are still in war.

i know that i am always talking about sharing a stage. it is a promise that i could not keep and i am persevering to make that happen now.

comeback or concerts are our only options now.

i will make it happen for you. i promise. this time, i am going to keep this promise for you.

park hye rin.

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