One Direction- Bromance Plot

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Liam and Niall: Niall is a very hyperactive (straight) sweet boy who plays on the football team. Liam is the bullying victim of Niall’s football buddies. So how do Niall and Liam know each other? They used to be best friends. Niall has always known that Liam was gay ever since they first met; you see Liam was very open about his sexuality and didn’t hide anything so when he moved up to high school he was no different. Niall stayed friends with Liam for as long as he could while still hanging out with his new friends. Its only when he joined the homophobic football team that he stopped hanging out with Liam and watched him get bullied by his friends. One day after leaving class Niall spotted Liam getting bullied again by his friends but for once he felt something, something he had never felt before. He helped Liam and told the football team to leave him along (getting him kicked off the team) and apologized for everything he had done not to prevent the bullying. The next few days he kept getting the same feelings and starts to take a particular shinning to Liam. He shrugs it off, but when he finds himself admiring Liam he can’t help but think that he’s in love. But how will Liam take Niall’s sudden love for him? And will Niall tell him? Or will he stay straight?

Harry and Louis: Harry and Louis are the only openly gay couple in their school. They get picked on a lot for being gay but having each other they ignore it. They love each other very much and share everything with each other so trust each other very much! One day while in class they are asked to do an assignment. Harry is paired with an old friend (a person in the RP Josh) while Louis is paired with a girl he liked before he turned gay. Harry doesn’t suspect anything and they start working on their projects in their groups. Its here that the trouble starts Louis starts to become distant with Harry, however Harry still doesn’t mind until Louis cancels their date to work on the assignment. Harry goes over to sort things out. When he arrives he finds them eating toasties and watching Toy Story, which infuriates him. He storms out of the house not wanting an explanation but what were they really up to? Was Louis cheating on Harry or was it just a friendly night in?  Are Harry and Louis going to stick together or is this the end?

Zayn and Josh: Zayn and Josh are the best of friends and are both gay. They have never been in a relationship with any other boy and have never really thought of each other as any more than friends. One day while they are in class the teacher makes a class project and pairs everyone up, Zayn gets paired with a smart girl from his music class while Josh gets paired with Harry. Everybody gets to work including Josh who invites Harry over to study (Harry declines due to his date with Louis that is explained in the Louis/Harry plot) Zayn listens into their conversation and is over run by jealousy He quickly shrugs the thought off but cant shake the feeling that me might like Josh as more than a friend. He goes home and thinks about it only to come up with the same conclusion. But he some how cant find a way to tell Josh. Will he be able to tell Josh? Will Josh accept his decision or will he just be shut down?

This plot takes place in high school and a little advice, maybe start on the day of the assignment (For Zosh and Larry) and the day of the bullying (For Niam). Just go with the flow and have fun with it. If you don’t Like your part I’m sorry but I’m sure if you really don’t you may want to write your own part otherwise ENJOY! <3 

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