Baseball Begins

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hey so I decided to postpone the party chapter until AFTER I develop Rain a bit more as a human so ladeda lets begin and two chapters in one day? I spoil you all rotten ;)

As soon as the final bell rang for school, I sent my mom a text saying that baseball starts today and I would be home later. I quick flew to the Middle School to tell Radek but he already left so I was very quick to get to practice. In the locker room all the girls were in a uproar talking about who would and wouldn't make the team.

"I bet that Derek won't even make JV" says a girl named Arianna.

"Sarah is way better than me! How could I compete with her for top spot on JV?" complains Marissa

"I bet that I will make Varsity this year I am way better than everyone else on JV anyway," boasts Natalie to Arianna

"Good luck Rain! You got varsity in the bag!" cheers my friend Randi

"I bet you make it this year too!" I yell back

Coach Vanessa yells into the locker room that try-outs start in 5 so all the girls finish quick and we jog onto the field together while the boys show up in two's and three's. At exactly 3:30 Coach Peter blows his whistle and we become instantly quiet.

"Welcome to baseball!" He yells "If you aren't here to win then you best leave now!" some of the freshman have uneasy looks and one even walks off the diamond, coach continues, "For the past ten years I have led this school to championships and victory, I expect no different this year If you have never played baseball in your life don't expect varsity and don't expect to make the team at all! You will work hard and you will sweat! You will practice outside of practice! You will play and practice rain or shine! You will work your butt off and we will be successful! I expect no less than perfection and you will all deliver!" Once coach Peter finishes his annual pre-season "pep talk" Coach Vanessa steps up.

"It won't be easy, but we will work together, we will be a team, we will trust one another, and if we do this, we will win! Now lets play some ball!" Both coaches take positions around the field.

"I hope your ready," says the assistant coach that no one remembers the name of, "Line up alphabetical order!" he barks and we are quick to follow orders. Try-outs start with the coaches testing everyone's batting skill, Since I am near the end I get to see what I am up against. I watch A-Q at bat and see a few worthy opponents but even more who look like they have never held a bat in their life. Aaron was first to bat and he hit a triple, two singles and a double I clapped respectfully like everyone else even though I wanted to jump up screaming that he was amazing. It was finally my turn to bat, I stepped up to the plate with my lucky bat, coach Peter was pitching and he knew I was good so he started by throwing me a curve-ball that I missed.

"Strike One!" Yells Coach Vanessa even though she is right next to me. Next Coach peter throws me a fast ball that I hit for a triple, respectful clapping, Coach tries another curve-ball and I get a single. I get one more bat, coach throws a fast curve-ball and when I hit it I can feel the vibrations in the bat going up my arm as I watch the ball fly past the far fence around the outfield.

"Home Run!" Yells coach Vanessa as I fling the bat into the fence and go the end of the line. I was the first to hit a home-run today so I payed no attention to the rest of batting tryouts.

At about 4:00 we start working out in the field. The assistant coach pitches to coach peter who hits the ball a lot of different ways before everyone rotates positions. By 5:00 we are all tired from chasing the erratic hits of Coach Peter.

"Five miles around the track! Start NOW!" Yells Coach Peter, some of the freshman groan but everyone else knows to keep their mouth shut. Since the upperclassmen have had the Operation they are judged on different standards than the freshman and sophomores that haven't. But, I am still one of the first non Operation kids to finish in 12.62 minutes. Practice ends at 5:30 after everyone did cool down and abs exercise. Me and Hannah were getting ready to go home when Coach Vanessa made an announcement.

"The no-cut policy is no longer in effect as of August 3073 by order of the Greater. Some of you did not make the team at all. But you can contribute in other ways. Every team needs equipment managers and water boys so if you don't make the team just ask if you can help any other way. If not, it is your own fault. Results will be posted on the notice board tomorrow morning first thing!" After coach was done everyone left with me flying in circles a few feet above Hannah's head.

"Do you think you made varsity?" I ask Hannah

"I may have but I am not sure," She replies

"I think you made it because you are good," I say to cheer her up

"You are amazing at baseball, I don't know how you do it, you weren't paying attention but you were the only one to hit a home run, and you play every position in the field as good as if it were your specialty! Also, you ran the five miles faster than all the non Operation kids, you finished a whole two minutes ahead of everyone. I will bet my life on you getting captain and top spot on Varsity," she said in awe. She sounded a little upset.

"Come on Hannah you are good too, but I can't be late again for dinner so good bye and I will see you tomorrow for school!" I yell while speed flying home so I have time to shower before dinner at 6.


It was closing in on 8:30 and I am finishing homework when my phone dings.

Hello? This is Aaron is this Rain? ~Aaron

Yes, hello Aaron. ~Rain

Great! I thought you gave me the wrong number for a moment there ~Aaron

I am not that mean ~Rain

I knew it ~Aaron

So... tell me about this party ~Rain

It happens to be Friday the 3rd of October ~Aaron

What kind of party is it? ~Rain

Hmm... a party type of party, lots of people and loud music ~Aaron

Do I need to bring a gift? ~Rain

Nope, only because you're special :) ~Aaron

Did he just call me special? Hyperventilation? Squee!

What should I wear? ~Rain

Something sexy ;) ~Aaron

What?! ~Rain

I was only joking but wear something you can dance in ~Aaron

Ok... where is the party? ~Rain

My place ~Aaron

Don't know where that is ~Rain

582 Sunset Avenue ~Aaron

ermigerd I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES!! stalker much but who cares!!!

what time should I show up? ~Rain

dark ~Aaron

Curfew? ~Rain

Who cares? it's a house party! ~Aaron

I guess... but Im gonna go to sleep so best of luck for baseball ~Rain

K ~Aaron

goodnight, beautiful ~Aaron--Error, message not sent

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