Cute and Sexy

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I took her into my room and she instantly kissed me, hungrily, she has never kissed me like this before and man did it turn me on she started to suck on my bottom lip and I gasped in surprise. 'this can't be my cute innocent girlfriend doing this' I thought as I grabbed her butt and a giggle between kisses verified it was the same cute Melanie. I kissed and suck and bit on her neck leaving various hickeys as she moaned and groaned.

But what shocked me was her suddenly taking control. She leaned and we both fell back onto the bed as she nibbled and sucked on my neck and I watched the tables turn, Her hands slid up my shirt and I took it off throwing it. She smiled.

"Your so sexy baby" she said in a little more then a whisper as she Straddled my waist with her legs. Her hands wondered from my hands to my boobs . I got a little uneasy with her touching me sexual but in the heat of the moment I let her continue.

Her hands cupped my sports bra and she ran her thumbs over the fabric causing chills to run down my spin as her thumbs ran slowly over my nipples. She giggled and continued to kiss me thirstily as she played with my boobs. Then she slid her hand down my abs and her fingers touch the rim of my boxer briefs they were easy access since I always slightly sag.

As her thumbs touched the skin under the band of my boxer briefs I realized I couldn't let her do that. I flipped us over kissing her so she wouldn't ask questions as I instantly tried to let one of my fingers wiggle there way inside of her. She gasped clinching the sheets. Damn she's so tight.Finally my finger maneuver it's way in it was all up from there .

She loved every single second of my finger in her body. She moaned and groaned and inhaled deeply and twitched as I rubbed her clit while fingering her. She moaned uncontrollably her adorable moans. She gasped for air and tried to close her legs when it started feeling "too good" but I smirked

"If you don't stop moving Imma really give it to you" I said with lustful eyes just wishing she would do the slightest squirm. and she did as my finger wiggled in side of her . In respond I took my finger out and pulled off her panties and skirt. She was perfect and hairless. My tongue grazed over her clit and she went crazy.I couldn't help but smirk as I ran my tongue over it again a few times just to hear the noise she makes.

Then I really got to business. I flickered my tongue as fast as possible as she moaned my name loudly , painting and squirming. She moved away a little and I smirked

"Stop running babe" I said in a lustful voice as I ate her hungrily. She grabbed my hair and I became turned on to the max. Damn I love rough sex. I slurped on her pussy and I felt her arching her back I knew what was about to happen. at spelled my full name with my tongue on her clit as she had an intensive orgasm screaming my name.

I smirked and came up and kissed her.

"Damn" she finally replied after catching her breath. I smirked, I know I wore that ass out.

I couldn't help but laugh . I never heard her curse before, my sex made her curse... in a good way.

"That was... Mmmm" she said biting her lip. I laughed
"Oh you like that? Are you okay?"

She giggled and nodded. "do you have some undies I can wear? I don't want to wear mine they were all wet .

I smiled "yea but I only have boxers ... Use which ever ones you want"

She got up and went to my dresser and I watched her. Damn that ass.

She was looking through my drawer and she turned around hiding something behind her back and smirking.

"So, uh what's this?" She said giggling as she took my strapon from behind her back.

I laughed a little . I just got that one for.... Future purposes I forgot I put it in there.

"Put it back babe" I laughed slightly blushing and she pouted.

"But I wanna use it" she said being super flirtatious.

I bit my lip trying to remind myself that she's still technically a virgin and tight.

"No baby I'm going to be to rough, I don't want to hurt your cute fragile body" I said getting up and putting it back in its package.

She pouted "you didn't say sexy, am I not sexy to you?"
"Babe you are you're really cute and sexy" I sighed
She didn't say anything else about it but I could tell she was thinking about it.

She put on my boxers with the cute pizza cartoons on them and got back in bed.

"I gotta go to the bathroom" I said remember I had something to take care of.

I went into my personal bathroom . I pulled down my pants and boxers and sighed. I hate getting wet. sometimes I have the urge to touch myself but I just can't bring myself to do it, lets face it , when it comes to down low Imma touch me not.

I wiped my self making sure I was not longer wet and put on the change of boxers that I keep in my bathroom then hid my wet ones under the sink. I can come back and get those when she leaves . I put my pants back on and flushed the toilet to make it seem like I wasn't just chillen in the bathroom and I walked back out.

When I walked back out she was laid across my bed fast a sleep. I smiled and laid in a area that was not taken up and she instantly cuddled with me.

I smiled at the thought of tiring her out as I turned on the tv,... I wonder what's on Cartoon Network .

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