"Who was that?" Anastasia asked her older brother, watching him get into his bed. Merlin had gotten up all of a sudden, crashing into things and waking her up. She heard him speaking to someone, although she couldn't make anything out.

"The princess." He answered. "She couldn't sleep, so she came to get something."

Ana nodded, it made sense, although at the time she didn't realize that Merlin had said princess. She was too tired to realize most of the words that he had said.

"Well, who could sleep, in a storm such as this one?" She yawned, her eyes falling. Merlin gave her a funny look.

"You could. Just a few minutes ago you were snoring louder than Gauis, and let me tell you, the man can snore," He laughed, his head falling onto the uncomfortable pillow.

"Well I can't sleep anymore. You woke me up too much." She shrugged. An idea entered into her head. "Merlin! Can you make the stars appear? Please? You know that helps me sleep." She begged him, turning onto her side.

"Ana. You know that if I get caught-"

"Every ones asleep, nobody will know. Please, Merlin. You owe me." She told him. He sighed.

"Just this once." His eyes glowed, and onto the roof appeared an image, and it looked like they were out in the open, looking at the stars like they did when they were still children. She let out a childish laugh and rested on her back. She watched the stars glow, and fade, and glow again. That night, she fell asleep with a smile. She dreamed dreams of royalty in the stars.

In the morning, Merlin had to pour water onto her face to wake her.

"Why did you do that?!" She yelled, jumping up off the now wet bed. She looked around, realizing that the sun was barely beginning to rise.

"What? Did you forget that you have to work?" He laughed.

"No but.. Couldn't you have woken me differently.."

"Trust me. I tried. Now get dressed and eat. King Uther has assigned you to take care of both the prince and princess today." Merlin said, handing her the same towel from the night before.

"Both? Are you sure he didn't say choose?" She asked him. She was used to working, just not to serving.

"I'm sure. Now hurry up, I have to go.. Polish Arthur's armor." He sighed. "Don't get distracted!" He said, walking out of the door. Anastasia changed quickly, and basically shoved her morning meal down her throat and ran outside. She started to run around the castle, until she realized that Merlin had not told her where the two were located. She would have to walk until she found one or the other. She walked for what seemed like hours, but what was only minutes, until she heard a voice yelling her brother's name from a bedroom. This must be the prince. She walked in, ready to tend to whatever he needed. When she entered the room, she saw the prince, walking around the room, obviously looking for some clothes, which he had clearly lacked of in this moment.

"You're.. Not Merlin." He said, grabbing whatever he could to cover himself. "Although you look like him. Who are you?" He asked. You have this, Ana. No need to be nervous.

"No, I'm his sister. I was sent by your father to take care of whatever you needed."

"Merlin? Has a sister?"

"Yes. Clearly. What is it you needed?"

"Right." He said, realizing. "Uhm, clothes would be a good start. Something nice, formal, yet casual."

"Well that shouldn't be hard." She muttered with a huff. Princes, she swore. As she searched for something proper, she found a nice formal blue shirt, and some pants that were casual.

"Should that cover it?" She asked him.

"No, actually." He responded. "I wan't to go out riding, but I can't go alone. I need you to accompany me." She raised a brow. Whatever they want, Merlins voice repeated.

"Fine. When?"

"I'm not too hungry for breakfast, you can just pack some food, and we can go now."

"Right. Riding it is."

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