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"Girl no I'm not trying to go out tonight I have shit to do." I protest. "Bitch we are going out tonight we've been in here studying for too long." My best friend Keysha tells me. "This is Law School your supposed to Study." I say rolling my eyes. "Please? We finally have a small break and need to take advantage of it." She looks at me with puppy dog eyes. "Ugh I guess." I say closing my book. "Yay!" She squeals in excitement.

We head back to our apartment and prepare for tonight. "Where are we going anyway?" I ask digging through my closet. "This new club I don't remember the name. But I do know it's supposed to be the move for tonight."

About an hour we are glammed up and ready to go. We get outside and Rico is waiting for us. We get in his Range Rover. "Damn y'all looking good as hell." "Thanks Bay." Keysha giggles. "What's up Cash?" Rico says looking in the rearview mirror. "Hey Rico." "How you doing tonight?" He asks. "I'm fine I can't believe I let Keysha talk me into this." He laughs. "You're going to have a great night I promise" Keysha says looking back at me with this huge smile. I smile back at her, "Okay I'll take your word for it."

We finally arrive at the club. "Who standing in that long line?" I ask. "You already know I got this girl." Rico says cockily. Rico was always so damn cocky. We, me, Keysha, and Rico, all grew up together. Rico has always been like a big brother to me and Keysha has been my best friend for forever. It's crazy how the two of them became a couple. They both liked each other but was too scared to say anything and that's where I came in and helped. They have been together since high school. Now if I could get my own love life right then I'd be getting somewhere.

We get to the bouncer. "What's up Rico?" The guy says. "What's popping G?" Rico responds as we walk through the door. "Yeah be mad bitches," Keysha says to the girls we can hear complaining because we're walking straight in. The club had a nice lil vibe going on. I walked over to the bar and ordered me a drink. I scan the room as I wait. Once the bartender hands me my drink I begin to walk towards Keysha in the VIP section.

All of a sudden someone bumps into me causing me to spill my drink. "Damn" "Shit my bad ma." The guy says to me. "You right it is your bad." I say as I begin to walk away but the guy grabs my hand. I look down at my hand and then back up at him. "Look-" He cuts me off. " I'm really sorry about that, let me buy you another one." He says with this accent. I stand there and think about it for a second. "Sure." We walk back over to the bar and he orders both of us another drink.

"What's your name gorgeous?" "Casha. Yours?" He looks at me real hard "I'm Jr..." I look at him, damn he is fine. "It's nice to meet you Jr." "It's nice to meet you too Cash. So you come here often?" I laugh at his question. "Not really. But you look like you do." He smirks at my response. "Yeah something like that." "JR to the stage please." The club owner announces. "Hold my drink for me please." Jr says dashing off before I could respond. I weigh out my option on whether I really wanted to hold this random ass nigga drink or not. What the hell, I might as well he's cute. I grab his drink and mine carrying them back to where Keysha is at.

"Okay Cash I see you girl." Keysha says as soon as I sit down. "What?" I ask taking a slip of my drink. "Jr." "You know him?" "Kind of." "The nigga spilled my drink." "Hell if I didn't have Rico he could spill mine too." "Bitch be serious." She laughs, "You gotta admit he is fine." "That's true and that accent tho." "See!" She says slipping her drink. Music begins to play and we look down towards the stage. I see Jr appear and he begins to sing. The girls went wild. Damn he can blow, I look over at Keysha. "Yes he can really sing." She says as if she could read my mind. I smile, "Impressive."

5 minutes later, Jr is done and I see him hugging some chicks while looking around. He spots me and smiles. I look away quickly when I realize he saw me looking. "Keysha I'll be back." I say getting up. "Okay you good?" "Yeah just going to the little girls room." "Okay." I leave and walk to the restroom. I check my phone and saw I had a missed call and text from Dre, an ex : What's up Cash. I see you up in VIP come and holla at a nigga.: I roll my eyes and leave headed back up. Dre is trouble and I don't need shit to go down, not tonight.

I get back and see Jr and Keysha talking. "Key I need to talk to you." I say looking at Jr. He's looking at me up and down. Jr walks off and goes over by Rico. "What's up?" Keysha asks. "Dre is here" I whisper to her. "Oh hell nah!" She yells. Rico and Jr rushes over to us. "What's wrong?" Rico asks. "Dre is here" I tell him. "Who is Dre?" Jr asks. "Man this fuck nigga Cay use to mess with. I knew I should've told King to come with us." Rico says angrily. King is Rico's security guard on paper but he's really his hit man.

Anytime Rico has a problem King is the nigga to solve it "Rico don't start no shit." I say seeing this isn't about to be pretty. "Man fuck that nigga." He says taking his phone out. I roll my eyes, and look over at Jr. I grab his drink that's sitting in the same spot I left it. He smiles at me. "Appreciate that... But what the fuck going on?" Jr asks still confused. "Aye Jr can you take Cay home?" I look at Rico like he's crazy. "I don't want to hear shit Cay." Rico says.

I begin to say something but I'm cut off by someone wrapping their arms around my waist. "What's up baby?" I tense up knowing its Dre. "Nigga get your arms up off her." Rico barks. "Aye nigga chill all that shit out." Dre says. "Or what?" Rico says getting close to his face. Keysha grabs my hand and pulls me over to her. "Jr take her home." Rico tells Jr. Jr looks around, "Nigga I'm not leaving you." Jr says watching some of Dre people come over.

Shit was about to get real. I look at entrance and see King and a group of other people I've seen with Rico coming. Fuck man. "I'm covered nigga go ahead. Make sure she gets home safely." Jr looks as if he's thinking and sees King coming up. "Alright let's go." He says grabbing my hand almost dragging me to the back door of the club. Keysha yells for me to text her when I get to our apartment.

We get to Jr's Lamborghini. He opens the door for me to get in and then goes to his side. Leaving the club we ride in silence, I'm slick pissed at Rico just sent me off like that. I snap out of my thoughts when Jr. starts talking "Can you inform a nigga on what the fuck that was back there?" "It's not important.. Just some crazy ass nigga from my past that doesn't appear to want to go away. How come you know Keysha and Rico so well, but I've never met you before?" "I wasn't someone you would have wanted to know until now." He says keeping his eyes straight on the road.

"What makes you think I want to know you now?" I ask. "I saw you looking at me in the club tonight" I laugh, "So you can sing I see. I never would have known" "It's a lot you don't know." He says peeking over at me "Hmm." I say staring out the window. "Keysha talks about you a lot and I have seen you before, multiple times." He tells me. "That's how I know where you live." He says cutting the car off.

I look up and realize we're sitting in the parking lot of my apartment. I begin to wonder why I've never met him before now. "Although Keysha was going for that shit, Rico isn't." He continues. "That I can believe." I say slightly laughing. Rico was so protective. If Jr is one of his nigga in the drug game that would explain exactly why I've never seen him. Keysha only gets a glimpse of Rico and that lifestyle. "Keysha has been trying to get me to simply talk to you for the longest."

"Oh really?" I ask surprised. She's never mentioned him before. "Yeah, and I'm glad I bumped into you tonight" "Just be happy nothing spilled on me." I say. "I could've just replaced that shit and added more to your collection, it's just that simple." "Well I'm not that simple of a girl so it wouldn't have went that easily." He smirks at me, "I never say no to a challenge." My phone starts to rings and its Dre. "What the fuck man?" "What's wrong?" Jr asks. I show him my phone, and he grabs it. "Nigga she don't have shit to say to you, stop calling her phone... Nigga you don't want these problems believe that." He says and hangs up. "What are you doing?" I ask seeing him messing with something on my phone. "Putting my number in your phone."

It's gets quiet for a while. "So you gone invite a nigga in or no?" He asks. "What kind of girl do you take me for?" "The kind I like..." I laugh, "That's cute but maybe some other time." He raises his eyebrows and smirks, "So we're seeing each other again?" "You tell me" I say grabbing my phone out of his hand. "Absolutely, are you busy Friday?" "Let me check my schedule." "Damn it's like that?" He asks. I laugh, "I'm free." He laughs a little, "Alright it's a date." "Okay." I start getting out of the car. "Make sure you use a nigga number tho." I smile at him, "I got you" I call his phone, "Now you have my number too... Text me once you make it home." "Alright" I shut his door and walk up to my door. I look towards him and see him watching me. I get the door open, and wave to him while walking inside then shutting the door. I make my way to the shower. What a night.

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