Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

My room was still dark. The gray numbers of the clock on the table showed me that I had been asleep for about five hours. Hmm. It was a good five hours. The sleep had definitely been welcome. My body still ached from the previous day's activities.

Ugh. There was no sense in fighting it. My chances of getting back to sleep were over. I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. There was a large shower in the back corner. I hadn't taken a shower in what felt like forever.

Of course, this shower wouldn't be as easy to operate as the ones back in 2010. There wasn't a handle to turn for the water to come on. I looked outside of the shower and finally found a series of buttons. I pressed one of them. Water shot out of the shower head. It was almost immediately hot causing steam to fill up the room. I put my hand in to see and instantly pulled it back out. It was scalding. I pushed another button. LUX came into view in a screen on the far wall of the shower.

"Can I help you Captain James?"

"Um, it's LUX, right?"

"Yes, I am LUX," the robot responded without any emotion.

"I was wanting to take a shower," I said, still looking at the series of buttons on the wall.

"I will make it the temperature you like," LUX responded. I put my hand back under the water. This time it was much cooler. Perfect!

I pulled off my white suit and stepped inside.

The steady stream felt amazing on my skin. I tilted my head back and let the water trickle down my face and neck. I thought back to everything that had happened over the past few days. It was unreal. I didn't understand all of it, but at least I felt like I was no longer a freak. These people looked like me and kept reminding me that we had all been close friends or family.

Getting out, I reached for the large plush towel hanging on the rack and wrapped it around my wet body. I searched the bathroom, looking for a hairbrush, but there wasn't anything on the sink or in any of the cabinets. Finally, I brushed my hand against a glass plate in the wall.

LUX appeared again. "How may I help you, Captain James?"

"Is there a hairbrush?"

"What is a hairbrush?"

"A device to brush my hair."

"The cylinder looking object next to the bathroom is your preparation tube," LUX responded, sounding almost confused by my question. I guessed, in the year 2105 there was no need for hairbrushes.

I left the bathroom and saw the object she had described next door. The door slid open.

"This must be my presentation area," I whispered to myself. Hesitantly, I entered. Before I could turn back, the glass panel slid shut, trapping me in the object.

LUX appeared on the back wall. "Please hold out your arms. This will only take a few seconds."

Obliging, I stretched my arms out to the side. Just as I was beginning to question my sanity for listening to a robot with bright pink hair, the air in the room grew hot, almost as if there were a fire nearby.

I glanced at my arms. They were covered with white fabric. I had on a white jumpsuit. How did that happen? I could seriously be losing my mind right now.

LUX appeared back on the screen. "Job complete."

The back door slid open. I scrambled to get out before it shut on me again. Just outside was a large mirror. When I glanced at my reflection, I couldn't help but take a step back. In addition to the appearance of a full white jumpsuit, my hair was dry and pulled back into a ponytail, with a perfect part right down the middle.

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