Chapter 35 ~The Missing Swan

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This one is a short one and for that I'm sorry. I was writing and then some family drama started happening so I'm not really in the mood for writing anymore right now. Vote! Comment!

Chrissy POV:

So Paul phased now who am I going to hang out with? Oh wait, there's The Three Musketeers, I've been spending all my time with Paul and Jared that I haven't hung out with all three of them in forever! I sighed falling back on my bed, bad idea! I hit my head on the wall I sat up holding my head. Fucking Damn Shithead Asshole Bitch! I hit my head so hard that I'm hearing tapping and voices.

"Christian! I know you're in there!" Wait why is Sam's voice in my head? I'm not phased and oh wait! You see I'm smart but it just takes me a while to get there. Like a turtle! I stood up going over to my window opening it causing Sam to fall from my house. There was two wolves that were with him. I looked down at Sam to see him glaring at me I made a face. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" He said causing the two wolves to growl.

"Yeah and then I'm gonna haunt the shit outta you!" I replied he smirked

"Fair enough!"

"What do you want Sam? Jared? Paul?"

"Well this one was worried about you and he wouldn't stop thinking about what happened so that worried the other one too."

"Don't worry guys I got rid of the body" I winked at them the look in their eyes was priceless! "I'm kidding I dragged him to the couch, and made him think it was a dream and bar fight!"

"Okay smart."

"That all? I've kind of got a date tonight" I smiled while he smirked.

"Oh yeah what time am I picking you up baby?" He asked

"Um how about seven after you ditch the dogs that is." I smiled

"Will do, you know your such a bitch sometimes right? Tricking these poor little freshman! And making them feel like shit pretending that we're dating!" I laughed

"Love you too Sam now what else do you want? I've got a bump on my head." I told him

"Bella Swan's missing last anyone saw she was in the woods with he who shall not be named and we need your help finding her given your weird ability to find something maybe it's just a chick thing?"

"Do you think he?" I trailed off getting extra clothes and tiring them to my legs, I also changed into sweats and a tank top just so I can rip them instead of going naked in front of them two. I ran jumping out of my window and phasing mid air. Sam then stripped again and phased as well.

"So where to first Lil Chris?" I started sniffing around and then ran out towards Forks. I know her scent from that one day that I will never think about again! Well maybe Seth he's a sweet kid! "Yeah quit thinking and keep leading"

"Shut up asshole"

"Whatever I don't want to hear you talk understand."

"Fine. I wouldn't talk to you even if my life depended on it!"

"Uh you're talking to me now!"

"No I'm not I'm THINKING to you." I mentally smiled when he growled. He then thought it was a good idea to bite my hind leg. I whimpered and turned around attacking him. I could hear all the 'stops' 'Sam you're gonna hurt her!' And so much more from them two. We kept fighting when I heard a heart beat well more than just four but five, she's close! I pushed Sam away and began sniffing until I saw her.

"I'll take her, just watch the boys!" He ordered

"Okie dokie!"

"And don't even think about introducing them to Emily! They can't meet her yet."

"Whatever Sam! Just go." We walked to a clearing when I thought of something. Maybe I should give Sam some peanut butter and some chocolate and feed it to him while he's in wolf form.

"Wouldn't that kill him though?" Jared asked


"Your wolfs pretty." Paul stated

"Thanks I know." I said cheekily

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