Kai's New Instagram[BTS]

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Soooo Leader-sama finally got some form of social media woohoo!!! Kai has instagram yo ^^ now all we need is Uruha, like seriously. Uruha, where you at?! But, Uruha-sama doesn't really seem like the type to get into social networking...

Today was another busy and work filled day for the GazettE. Uruha and Ruki were busy working on some photo shooting and Reita and Aoi were busy making sure preparations for future shoots were all set and ready.

In another room across the hall, Kai was sitting down on a soft, black leather couch scrolling through his iPhone when suddenly, Ruki, Reita, and Aoi burst through the once locked door, scaring the shit out of Kai.

"Kai-sama!!" Aoi nearly screeched.

"Uwaaaaaa!!!" Kai squeaked in his cute mommy voice.

"We've noticed that you've been acting strangely quiet as of late." Reita said matter of factly, crossing his arms, and nodding with is eyes closed.

"What Rei-chan means to say, is that you need a life." Ruki joined. Kai pouted and lowered his head not knowing what to say to that. He knew it was true and that the other members meant him no ill will in telling him this.

"I know. But, why are you so suddenly telling me this?" Leader asked. Ruki shook his head in understanding. Everyone on the room gave Kai a sad look and took a few steps closer to him but Ruki's face remained bright.

"Kai, we are going to help you get something close to a social life k?" Aoi said calmly as if saying something out of place would frighten Kai like he was some sort of small animal. Kai immediately had a bad feeling about this and would rather not stay to see how this was going to turn out.

"Umm, thank you buuuut I kinda gottta go now. Manager-san asked for me a minuets ago to umm help him with something. Bye!" and with that, Kai tried to jump out of his seat and make a mad dash towards the door but he to no avail.

Reita sped in front of him and blocked the only exit in the room looking like some macho body guard while at it. Kai whimpered and shrank back at the rather intimidating sight of their bassist who seemed to grow ten times taller right before his eyes.

Reita really didn't mean for this to frighten Kai but he couldn't help it, for his natural macho-ness was usually overwhelming to the drummer and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Kai-chan, we're not here to hurt you." Ruki cooed softly hoping their leader would calm a bit and listen to their reasoning.

"Oh so now Kai gets 'chan' huh?" Reita grumbled and it didn't go unnoticed by the person he directed those words to. Ruki rolled his eyes and waved off Reita's slight jealousy. Kai eventually returned to his spot and was willing to hear out the other members even after their strange form of entrance.

If Reita was busting out his inner 'super manly man', this must be important.

"Fine, please explain yourselves." Kai ordered firmly. Everyone else sighed, grateful for his cooperation.

"Hai, so Kai, we have decided that you should get your own social media account and we thought instagram would be the best for you. After all, I, the great and powerful Ruki-sama knows all the tricks to it so I would gladly lead you through the world of the interwebs." Kai gave the tiny vocalist a weird look and Aoi rolled his eyes. Obviously he though he was way more awesome than Ruki claims himself to be. He is a superstar you know.

"Umm, I don't know Ruki. Not that you wouldn't make a good teacher or anything. I, well, I just don't think I'm cut out to do anything like this." Aoi and Ruki nodded once again and both made a move to pat Kai softly on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, I understand how you feel." Ruki fell to his knees dramatically like the diva he was and held Kai's hands firmly in his own.

"But do not fear! We, the Social Three are here to help!" This time, everyone in the room gave Ruki a strange look.

"The Social Thr-?" Aoi was cut off by Ruki's glare of death. He thought itwas a perfectly good name and Aoi should know better than to judge Ruki's authority in this mission.

Mission being, 'Get Kai A Life Mission!' and it was to be taken very seriously.

"So, what will it be?" the chibi asked. Kai still looked a bit unsure and was really wondering if this was going to be a good idea. They all knew very well that their fans wouldn't mind but that wasn't the issue. Kai was just a bit worried that whatever he would post wouldn't be satisfactory.

"KAI! Stop fretting about it and just do it!' Reita blurted, unable to contain how annoyed he was with their cool leader acting all unsure about such a small thing. The drummer once again shrank back at the tone of Reita's voice.

"I-I'll think about it ne?" There was a pause, then the otheres agreed. If they all had a social life kinda thing going, why shouldn't Kai? Once they all left the room, Kai was left alone to make a decision he thought to be life changing!

After lots of mind pressure and convincing himslef that it's all going to be fine, Kai began to set up his own instagram profile wothout the others knowing, for now.

"Ok, now to make my first post. I gotta let everyone know that I'm here now I guess." With that said, he found the best thing he could take a picture of at the moment. His shoes.....

Really Kai? Your shoes? You're turning into another Ruki! We only need one Ruki. Any more than that, and we'll have glitter everywhere.....Just sayin'

From that day forward, Kai posted better pictures and they weren't just his shoes XD

Once again, probably based on a true story..... Hope you liked XD I love all of their posts, this was all for the sake of crack XD

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