Meanwhile, Gibbs, Fornell, and the team were in a snag. They were surrounded by the bad guys with masks on. L.J and Amanda weren't in eye sight either.

They were out numbered by one man. He seemed to be the boss. He had a gun in his hand but wasn't holding it up. His phone beeped. The man looked at the message he received and smiled.

"The package is safe. Uhh, it has been for 30 minutes. Really bad phone service here. Now down to business." The boss said pointing his gun at Gibbs. "You broke her heart. Now I'm going to break your heart."

"Daddy, don't you dare!" yelled Jenny pointing her gun at her dad, the boss. "I got your letter. You shoot Jethro, I shot you."

He turns around. "Jennifer-," was all he got out before Jenny cut him off.

"Don't you dare 'Jennifer' me after all you put me through! Kidnapped my kids, your grandchildren, and try to kill their father, the love of my life! Not to mention faking your death and putting me through that as well. They were right about you. You are a trader! I'm just sad it took me this long to see it."

"He broke your heart in two. I can't let any man hurt you like that."

"I broke his first. We are even now. Don't you dare take him away from me and our children."

"After I do this and cleaned up the mess I was going to come get you. Then spend some family time together. The kids would actually be able to meet their grandpa."

"Their grandfather is dead. He has been for a long time. You aren't the man I use to know...and love. Now your a sick man. Kidnapping your own grandchildren. This has to stop right now."

"I won't stop until he's dead." Jenny's dad pulls up his gun pointing it back at Gibbs.

"Daddy, please don't do this! I don't want to hurt you."

"I have to, Sweetheart. I love you."

He was about to pull the trigger when Jenny shot him in the head.

Jenny shooting her dad caused a chain reaction. The other kidnappers tried to shoot Gibbs, Fornell, and the team but they were to slow. The kidnappers were all dead.

Gibbs went over to Jenny and hugged her. Jenny hugged back. "Are you okay?" Gibbs asked wipping the tears from her cheeks.

"No, but I will be when we get the kids back safe and sound." Jenny answered. "How can we find them now? The kidnappers are dead. They can't tell us were they are."

"They have to be close. Your dad never said anything about getting the kids. Only you. Spread out and find them!" Gibbs ordered.

"Amanda!" Jenny yelled walking around with Gibbs nearby.

"L.J!" Gibbs yelled. "Please tell be L.J. isn't short for what I think it is short for."

"You bet it is." Jenny smiled. "If I makes you feel better I planned to name him after my dad." Jenny paused remembering what she had done only a few minutes ago. Gibbs walked over to her. "Then I saw him. He looked so much like you. I couldn't help myself. Leroy Jethro Gibbs Jr."

Gibbs puts his hand on Jenny's face. "It's perfect, Jen." Jenny smiles.

"Over here!" Shouted Tony.

Jenny and Gibbs ran over to Tony. He had opened a door and found L.J. and Amanda lying on the floor unconscious.

Jenny and Gibbs came in sight of the kids. They checked their pulses. They were alive. "Tony, call 911." Ordered Jenny. "Let's get them out of here." Jenny gently picked up L.J. and Gibbs picked up Amanda.

By the time they where to the car they where almost awake.

Amanda opened her eyes and saw her mother looking down at her. "M-mom?" Amanda questioned.

"Yeah, Sweetie, its me." Jenny answered.

Amanda sat up hugging her mom as tight as she could. After a minute she let go. "H-how are you alive? You died in the house fire."

"That's a long story. We will talk about it later."

"Who's he?" Amanda gestures to Gibbs.

Jenny smiles. "This is Jethro. Your father."

Amanda was able to answer when L.J. woke up.

"Mommy!" He shouted throwing he arms around Jenny.

"Mommy?" asked Amanda.

"Another lo-" Jenny began but was cut off.

"Long story." Amanda finished.

Jenny and Amanda giggled. "I've missed you so much, Baby Girl."

"I know, Mom. I've missed you too."

Amanda and L.J. were taken to the hospital. They were given a clean bill of health. Gibbs, Jenny and the kids went to Gibbs' house and lived happily ever after.

----THE END----

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