Chapter 23: "Assemble"

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Quantum Convergence Event


A quantum convergence event is the scientific term for a "Fixed Point in Time". It is theorized by both mystic experts and theoretical physicists that some things will happen no matter what. These convergences tend to be the catalysts of change on a massive scale. The asteroid which ended the reign of the dinosaurs 65,000,000 years ago, the Toba extinction event 75,000 years ago, and the Great Cataclysm 350 years ago are all examples of Quantum Convergence Events.


            - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)



The old city will fall and burn in the fires of hell. The old city will be the pyre upon which the new world will be born. For the good or for the ill... these things I cannot see.


            - The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker




Outside New Lazlo

            "The troops are ready to move Master Grell," Second Lieutenant Khyber Lin, newly promoted adjutant to the commander of the New Lazlo Expeditionary Force (NLEF), said through the speakers built into his battle armor. "My father is ready to give the order to move out but he wishes to speak with you first."

            Professor Grell nodded. Then he followed the young elf across the assembly yard. He was impressed by the number of volunteers present. When the Chief Steward asked for the gathering of a volunteer force to confront the coming danger Grell had worried about the response. His worries were proven baseless.

            Two thousand five hundred fighters were assembled and ready to move out.

            "Master Grell," Steward Raynott Lin said when the wizard approached his command vehicle. "My friend, what do you think of the people of New Lazlo and their desire to do the right thing?" he asked beaming with pride at his people.

            The Wolfen grinned and pointed to the silver stars pained on the elf's armor. "The rumors are true then. You are leading the force east."

            "I couldn't ask people to head into war and not be willing to do it myself," Raynott replied looking slightly embarrassed.

            "It doesn't hurt that father has more combat experience than anyone else in the defense forces," Khyber said pride filling his voice. "Father's name is known even in the halls of Ch-Town and Tolkeen."

            "That is of no consequence," Raynott said waving his hand dismissively. "Every battle is different and there are many who could do this job as well, if not better, than I. That being said, I would not put the inevitable blood on their hands."

            "Inevitable blood?" Khyber asked.

            "There is always blood in war, Lieutenant," Grell answered. "Even an overwhelming victory is never without severe loss."

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