exo || baekhyun

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You and Baekhyun have been dating for about 6 years now and you two have been separated for almost 6 months because of EXO's Asia Tour . He is finally coming home today and you were very excited . The door knocked and Baekhyun came in and immediately hugged you and after the long hugs he kissed you on the lips . Feeling his soft lips after so long .

You cooked dinner and decided to watch a movie . After dinner . You and Baek sat on the sofa cuddling and Baekhyun got a box out of his back pocket without you noticing and kneeled down on the floor asking if you would marry him . you said yes ( duhh ) and he kissed you . You guys decided to go take a rest because Baekhyun look tired from all his flights before coming home .

He was about to sleep but said he missed you and slowly fell asleep .


ok guys this is in my opinion one of the worse i written . 😔 but still hope you guys would like it . 😌

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