Kisses in Paris

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Lily's Pov

"Oh my F god!!!" I hear Mia say from beside me, we looked at each other the behind us at the smiling buys then back to the huge apartment. It was beautiful!!!

After we went to the Effie tower we decided it would do us well to get some sleep, as it was the early hours of the morning. Now when Ethan said it was an apartment I was thinking a tiny thing where we would have to share rooms and stuff but oh no, this was nothing like I imagined.

The room was huge it had a stair way in the corner leading up to a bedroom that was overlooking the living room, underneath that was the kitchen which was black and white. There was doors leading of to different room and stairs going down, it was huge it was more like a house.

"Um are you sure this is where we are staying " Mia asks walking into the living room and looking around in star struck. And I followed her but as soon as I was past the door way I just stared at the beautiful interior.

"Yes" Ethan says jumping onto the couch

"You own this?" I ask

"Well yes and no when I graduate this will be my home for the moment it is in my parents name"

"When I graduate I'm getting a pat on the back and £20.... And you get an apartment" I say under my breath but they seem to all hear me. "Sorry"

"It's no problem" he laughs at me."We all have a room each if you want to share I'm not bothered but oi you two." He shouts at Mia and Riley who where getting too friendly. "Keep the noise down" he winks which causes Mia to blush and Riley to send him death glares.

"I'll find my usual room" Charlie says and walks past me and down a set of stairs.

"We will find ours" Riley says grabbing Mia but she tried to protest, what is he up too. Oh god I hope I'm not on the same floor as them.

"I can show you too your room if you'll like" Ethan asks getting up from his seat. I nod and he takes my case, and walks down some stairs.

"So where's your room, is it the one above the living room" I ask curiously

"Don't sound to egger Reed," he jokes

"Ha-ha so funny" I say drily

"I'm just down the hall from you actually its weird sleeping there. "He says walking down the corridor. One door had music blaring out of it, which I guessed was Charlie. I look up to see Ethan had stopped at a door the was open

"After you princess," he holds the door open and I walk in, once again my mouth dropped open, it was beautiful.

It was white and grey it overlooked the tower and the streets, there was a king size bed in the middle and at the foot of the bed laid a couch there where two setts of doors on directly opposite the bed and one beside on led to a bathroom the other led to a walk in wardrobe.

"Do you like it?" he asks

"Do I like it... its beautiful" I jump on the bed, it was so soft but my head was covered with so many pillows, it made me laugh.

"I'm glad you like it " he laughs at me, and places my suitcase at the foot of the bed.

"Hey Ethan," he was sat at the foot of the bed looking at me. "Thanks for inviting me I'm truly grateful "

"It's no problem, it's a pleasure to have you but,"

"I mean like really thank you, if there's anything I can do "

"Yeah li.."

"Like anything" his hand was now over my mouth, which cause me to shiver.

" It's no problem Lily" oh how he says my name, I could listen to his voice all day. Wait no Lily your just tiered. "I'm glad you are here...but" he takes his hand off

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