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so this imagine is "inspired" by the return of superman and we got married . both shows are my favourites so i decided to put two of it into one and write a imagine . hope you guys like it . ☺

you and chanyeol are on we got married as a couple . today chanyeol decided to bring you to the twins house being seo Jun and Seo eon . chanyeol have been watching them for the longest time and it's going to be his second visit . first with baek hyun and now with you . One thing in common of interest that you have that's the same as chanyeol is that you also enjoyed watching the twins and you find the twins very cute and that they are your favourite out of all the kids on the return of superman .

You and Chanyeol got out of the house early to avoid the fans and to have an easy trip there . You got on the car with Chanyeol driving .

After about 30 minutes you guys reached the venue . You follow Chanyeol as he holds your hand and walked up with you to the twins house . You walked forward and ring the doorbell and waited for the door to be open .

The door opened and the both of you greeted HwiJae Hyung and walked in seeing the kids playing on the floor . Chanyeol rushed toward them pulling you with him . you can see the look on his face that he is very happy to be back here again .

You and Chanyeol settled down and Seo Jun came running towards Chanyeol and because he never seen you before he asked Chanyeol who you were . You introduced to the kids who you were , " hi kids my name is ______ . " when you thought you were done Chanyeol added on and said , she is my wife . Listening to that made your day . Turning behind to see what Hwijae Hyung is doing wanting to lend a helping hand but than you felt one of the twins sitting on your lap . Turning to the front you seen Seo Eon sitting on your lap . You smiled and Chanyeol looked at you , you looked back and he mouthed that Seo Eon is cute . you agreed and asked Chanyeol if you guys should play with the kids . He hurriedly stood up with Seo Jun in his hands and followed by you , with Seo Eon in your hands . Chanyeol wanted you to chased after him and you did with the twins on either of your hands of course . The twins laughed and after about a good 10 minutes or so , you and Chanyeol got tired and lay the kids down on the floor and decided to play Bang . You carried Seo Jun and Seo Eon sat on the sofa and you told Seo Jun to bang Chanyeol . He did and Chanyeol fell with his head on your lap . You laughed and Chanyeol stood up again and faced Seo Eon , Seo Eon immediately said bang and Chanyeol fell with his hands around your waist behind Seo Jun . After playing for awhile you guys decided to rest and Chanyeol asked you if you could cook your signature fried rice with kimchi soup . The one you cooked for him when he was having his comeback . You agreed and wanted to buy the ingredients at the nearest market . Chanyeol being Chanyeol can't let you go alone , seeing HwiJae Hyung so tired you guys decided to bring the twins with you and give him a break . We told him that we are going out to buy ingredients and he agreed .

The 4 of you were walking and you told Chanyeol to make his famous sausage with tomato sauce, he said he would and you guys went and got all the ingredients and walked back . The both of you started cooking in the kitchen . Just as you were washing the utensils after cooking . Chanyeol back hugged you and put his hands forward and washed his hands.

The food were served on the table and the twins were sitting on their chairs and you sat beside Seo Eon and Chanyeol was beside you and Hwi Jae Hyung across you . You waited for the guys to eat before you start . You look at HwiJae Hyung's face and it lit up . he immediately praise that the food you cooked were nice and said that Chanyeol is very lucky to have you as his wife . Chanyeol smiled and put his hand behind you and around your waist with his other hand holding his chopsticks . After playing with the kids for awhile more you guys decided to go back home and rest .

You and Chanyeol bid your goodbyes and went home .


hope you guys enjoy this imagine and tbh this is actually one of the longest imagine that i written . it feels like it 😂 but i do enjoy writing this imagine the most . so hope you guys enjoy it to . this imagine is actually like a written version of the episode but with a little change . If you guys haven't watched the episode you should . 😊

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