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"Seriously, Dawn, you're disgusting." Jerry stated giving a disgusted look through his webcam at me as I spooned more peanut butter and Dr.Pepper into my mouth.

"Hey don't knock it till you try it." I retorted waving my spoon around while I wiggled around in my swivel chair to find a comfortable position.

"I think I will knock it, cause I definitely don't want to try it."

"You're no fun sassy pants." I frowned lightly pouting a little for emphasis.

"That's Captain Sassy Pants for you." He giggled, his handsome face contorting happily as his chestnut eyes glimmered underneath his un-styled pastel mint green hair. I would take him in a heartbeat if he didn't swing the other way.

The screen flickered and went staticky for a second."Whoa a- get- y-r end- t-o?" He asked the audio going glitchy too.

"Jerry, did you open one of those free body glitter emails?!" I grunted as the whole screen went back and the computer shut down. The windows suddenly shattered as a massive boom ripped into existence, I dropped my bowl of Dr.P and peanut butter as my ears began to ring.

I covered my ears quickly, and looked at the window to see a bright blue ball of flame crash into the woods outside of my window. I let the ringing in my ears subside before I slapped on some shoes, almost tripped on my spilt bowl of tragic Dr.P and peanut buttery goodness, ran down the stairs and threw open the back door.

Did I mention I have issues controlling my curious side?

I shut the door behind me and ran willy nilly into the forest; my logical thinking didn't get any time to make me realize how stupid I was being. My sweat pants and high top shoes tore through the stickers and underbrush, I scared a deer or two while I was at it.

It took a good fifteen minutes, allot of cramps, and sixteen shin splints later before I finally got to the crash sight. Actually more like a few feet too far to the left of the sight.

Looking to my left I saw a trail of broken trees, charred bushes and a smoking crater. Eureka! Then a thought hit me, why was I being this stupid? I probably was getting radiation poisoning as I spoke! I didn't want to puke and just randomly die from exploring something I shouldn't, Fallout New Vegas style!

I began to quickly back away at the picture of my death, while hoping I hadn't acquired enough radiation poisoning to die later on in my life, when a bright blue beam of energy shot out of the smoke and pierced through my chest.

Instantly I fell to my knees, my vision going blurry as I felt hot liquid seep down my tank top. Fear arced through me as I looked down and saw blood soaking through my clothes.

This was it.

This was how I was going do die wasn't it?

I'm totally blaming this on my ADHD.

A/N: Alrighty before all of you guys go off on me for giving my character ADHD, just know I have ADHD myself! So yes I know what I'm getting myself into by giving her ADHD and if you feel offended somehow (I honestly have no idea how anybody would be offended though...) then I sincerely apologize!!

Any who I hope you enjoy! And if you do don't be afraid to poke that little vote button! •w•

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