Heart Break 101

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*Kaleigh's Pov*

After I ran out of the party last night I got in a cab and headed back to my house. I didn't have a key but luckily I knew were the spear was. Now it's morning and I'm laying in my room alone. I can't believe Harry would kiss that girl. I thought he was different. I thought that everything he told me was true and meant something. Damn was I wrong.

I get up to go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see a monster. My hair is messy, my makeup is smeared across my face. After I got home last night all I did was cry. I must of cried myself to sleep because I don't remember falling asleep, oops. I wash my face and brush my hair. I then decide to hop back into bed because I have nothing else better to do. I turn on the news and lay down. I reach for my phone and see I have 15 text messages. 2 from Kayla, 2 from Olivia, 1 from Stacy, 10 from Harry, and 5 missed calls from him too. I sigh and look at them:

Kayla: Kaleigh are you ok?! Me and Niall saw it on the news...

Kayla: I know where you went. I'll be home around 12 tomorrow.

'Well isn't that great. Why does the news know?' Then I look up and see the story she's talking about. The headline reads: 'Harry Styles The Cheater'. There are pictures of me running out of the after party and Harry following me. The news reporter speaks: "According to insiders Harry Styles was caught kissing his ex girlfriend, Violet Winters, at the after party for the Brit Awards last night. His rumored new girlfriend, Kaleigh, saw them and stormed out of the venue. Harry tried to catch up to her but she kept running. It's unclear if the new couple is breaking up, but we'll let you know as soon as we do. Back to you Tom." I shake my head and continue reading the texts:

Olivia: Hey honey are you ok? I was on twitter and saw the hashtag #HarryandKaleighBreakUp.....

Olivia: Just talked to Kayla. We'll both be there at 12.

Stacy: Hi girl! How are you? So I just got a call from Victoria's Secret. Call me when you can! Bye. xx

'Leave it up to Stacy to have no clue what's going on in the media...I have to remember to call her though.'

Harry: Missed call (2)

Harry: Kaleigh please pick up the phone.

Harry: Honey please this is all a miss understanding.

Harry: I love you and I can't lose you.

Harry: Missed Call (3)

Harry: Kaleigh I'm serious just pick up!

Harry: I didn't mean to yell...I'm going crazy knowing that I might of lost you.

Harry: She doesn't mean anything to me! You're my princess. xx

Harry: You have to believe me! She forced herself onto me. Ask Liam!

Harry: She's a walking STD.

Harry: I need to see you....

Harry: I bet you're asleep. If you want to see me I'll be at my house all day tomorrow. Sleep well beautiful Xx.

I laugh out of disbelief. I can't believe he has the nerve to text me. He basically just told me lies.

I hear the door open down stairs. "Kaleigh it's us! We brought ice cream."

"Up here!" I yell and hear them come up stairs and into my room.

"Hi honey how are you doing? " Olivia asks as she hands me ice cream and a spoon. I open the lid and chow down.

"I'm ok I guess, just sad," they nod and I continue.

"He texted me 10 times and called me 5. Want to see?" I hand them my phone. They read them.

"Honey I think you should really consider seeing him. I don't know all the details, but I think he really is sorry. I'm not saying that what he did is ok but you should at least hear him out," Kayla states.

"I agree. I think you should hear the whole story. Just be careful and don't buy into any bullshit," Olivia adds.

"I guess you're right," I sigh and continue "I'll go."

"Do you want help getting ready?"

"No I'm not going to look overly good...just enough to make him realize he's missing all this," We all laugh.

"Ok well we're going to go. Love you." We hug each other and smile.

Just as they walk out I remember something, "Wait Kayla!"


"Stacy texted me about Victoria's Secret calling...will you please call her and let me know what it's about? I think we need to be in soon for a photo shoot but I'm not sure."

"Of course. Good luck." I smile and close the door. Now to go get ready.

I take a shower. After 15 minutes I'm done. I hop out and head to my closet. I decide on a floral print mid-thigh length flowy dress. It has little spaghetti straps and a sweet heart type neck line. I pair it with a pair of tan sandals that has a cute bow on them. I also use my tan purse. I head back to the bathroom and do my make up lightly. Then I curl my hair and put it up into a pony tail. I look in the mirror and smile.

Now lets go see what Harry has to say.

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