Moaning Myrtle's Untold Story...HARRY POTTER FANFIC!

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Moaning Myrtle’s Untold Story

“I watch as he fumbles for something in his pockets. Muttering sarcastically, he says something about needing to be more organized, he finally pulls out a folded piece of paper. He smiles at the girl, and she stared back, totally disgusted. “…What? You thought that I could ever like you? Ha! Fat chance!” She snorted and walked away, leaving Draco shocked and, for a few seconds, hurt, then stone-faced. He callously brushed past me towards the Slytherin Common Room.

Why does he not see me? I pondered, aggravated. Huh, it’s not like I asked for this! I went to my dormitory, and flopped ungraciously onto my unmade bed. Ever since I came to Hogwarts, I’ve only been in pain! My thoughts rebelliously went to Myrtle. The ghastly and heartbreaking scene replayed in my mind, over and over again…

Myrtle and I were talking in the girl’s lavatory, just talking. We were in what is now called Moaning Myrtle’s lavatory…We heard a hiss and a thump. “Hey, um, Jewelanna? Did you hear that?” Her voice rose to an unnatural high-pitch. I shrug, and focus on keeping down my laughter of the irony…Myrtle was afraid of snakes, yet she was put in Slytherin! THUMP! At this next bump, I became very wary.

“Myrtle, we should probably get to class now, so…” I tried to be nonchalant, but I knew that I was failing horribly.

“I’m not going to argue against that…This place is going to give me paranoia!”

“Myrtle, you do not need any help there!” I taunted her in a friendly way, since I could basically taste her fear. She rolled her eyes and giggled. I bet that she’s thinking about Neville…I grinned wolfishly: I have a new topic for teasing her! “So…How are you and Neville?” I grin even bigger when she blushes and skipped away. We simultaneously shouted our farewells, and then left for Potions for her and Advanced Potions for me. Everything seemed just right for the rest of the day…Except for after dinner…

I was passing Moaning Myrtle’s lavatory again when I heard the most awful crying. I cautiously went in, and immediately heard Myrtle’s voice call out: “Leave me alone! I don’t want to see anyone right now!” After I had walked a few more steps without saying anything, she tried again, with a totally different approach. “I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” She burst out of a stall, and she looked terrible! Her deep sapphire-blue eyes were wild and bloodshot, her usually golden and radiant hair was frizzy and it stuck to her tear-stained face.  Her face softened after she saw me, standing there, tears in my eyes. I rushed to her, and wrapped my arms around her. While she sobbed into my hair, I gushed.

“Myrtle! Myrtle, darling, are you all right? What happened? Is it Neville? If it was, I will go and make him pay!” It’s when she stops crying that I know what it wrong. She is infuriated, not shaken by hurt. “Father is going to pick me up and he’s making me move to the Americas. Jewelanna! The Americas! Hogwarts is my home! I have friends here, a life! He has no right whatsoever to drag me from here!” Her voice is hostile, especially when she says “Father”. Her father had been the reason the Myrtle’s mom had died. It was her father’s fault that she had been uprooted from the only place that she had ever known. It was his fault that her mother’s dog, Revie, had to be left behind in the dust because he didn’t “want another ungrateful mouth to feed”.

I saw her inner turmoil bubbling with rage, and I could sense that she was about to do something impulsive, something irreversible. “Oh, Myrtle, dear, I wish that you could stay!” I murmured with real sympathy and genuine sadness in my voice. “No. I won’t do this anymore! I refuse to be taken away, to practically be murdered again! He abuses me, Jewelanna. He abuses me!” Her voice was now an unrecognizable screech as she whipped her wand out, pushed me out, and cried out two words: crucio and imperio

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