A New Day (Wally and Artemis Story)

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~ With Wally ~

He was running every where it seemed like forever since he last saw his lovely spitfire he missed her seeing her crying thinking his

died or gone made him a little sick and up set him self he wanted to go back home to his spitfire and his family and friends

"Artemis!!" He yells again

Then a door opened.....

~with Artemis ~

Artemis was still hanging out with Megan Artemis was thinking about then Wally last kissed her and in the most romanic place Paris

the city of lights and love remembering he wanted to go back there after everything was over, a tear fell down her face, she is alone but

if there was a way to get him back to her she would die with him or stopped him from leaving her, she cried a little and a little more in

till she was sobbing Megan hugged her again, Megan is like a sister to her but not like her real sister that lefted then she was little

Megan was caring she is like her sister and best friend, Artemis could not stop thinking about Wally how much she missed him

everything about him she missed, Artemis just wanted to turn back to clock again and kiss him one last time, right then and there

Artemis fell on the floor and she slept there for a couple of hours Megan made some stuff for Artemis to help her out a little then she's resting

~ With Wally ~

He looked at the door and someone came out of it he ran closer to it and it was Conner, NightWing and Aqualad they found him

Conner looked around he did not see anyone in till

"Guys!!!" Wally yelled

Running over to where the guys where at

"Wally are you alright?" NightWing asks him

Wally nodded

"Yes I'm fine I want to know how Artemis is" Wally says

"She's broken hearted none of us ever saw her this way " Conner says

Wally looks down

"Dude what are you going to do?" NightWing asks

Wally looks back up and takes a deep breath

"I want to go back home then do something I should have done before she lefted for the mission that you called her for " Wally says

Aqualad, Conner smiled and NightWing smirked he new what that really meant and then Wally walks over to the door

"Let's go home" NightWing says

Everyone goes into the door

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