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[Try listening to the song of Kodaline's The One. It's so amazing, it made me cry. And that inspire me to write the ending. Thank you so much. I owe you a lot. This ends here.]


 The One

After what happened earlier, with all Gray's anxiety and fears, here comes his bride, his dream and his life. The woman who gave him Xander and this crazy wonderful life. He smiled and laughed when his son walked the entourage. He's adorably holding their rings. He never thought that this would happen to him to be here standing on the aisle waiting for his lovely and wonderful life. It must be a crazy world 'cause life has given them full of shits. Life has given them both thunderstorms, not just rain. And life has given them sunshine, like what's happening right now.

A familiar song is at its peak. And now, it's time for the bride to walk down the aisle. Gray breathed heavily. With him are Lyon, Loke, Natsu, Gajeel, Xander and Juvia's father. Mr. Lancaster will hand Juvia to him. Gray is nervous and excited. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Gajeel.

"Take care of her and the brats." It sounded as a threat but he smiled anyway. He knew Gajeel is just being an older brother.

He nodded. "I will." As always.

Lyon, Loke, and Natsu patted his shoulder also. He laughed at their jokes. Even Lyon seems okay with this. Then, when he saw Juvia, he stopped laughing with his friends. His eyes focused on her. He didn't even blink. He saw her before the wedding in her dress at the labyrinth earlier. But seeing her now makes him feel hard to breathe. She's the most beautiful bride, he'd even seen. Because Juvia's is his. Only his. He had seen Lucy on a bride's dress but never captivated like he is with Juvia.

She walks slowly and Gray is getting impatient. He wanted to sweep Juvia on the aisle and bring her to his arms but he stayed on his position. He doesn't want to ruin Juvia's moment. And he has to see this. Anticipation is killing him but he had to endure. He saw how Juvia's smiles widen when they both stared at each other's eyes. He smiled too.

They were both smiling and staring at each other like nobody is watching. And that's the great scene to watch. To see two lovers lock in each other's gazes, not caring into the world.

Reality surpassed Juvia's imagination. It is today, their wedding day, which she always dreamed of, which she abandoned once because she knew it wouldn't come true. But here it is, in front of her. With all the intricate and elegant flowers and designs, here she is on her wedding day. She's walking down the aisle, wearing a beautiful dress with their friends watching her. With Xander beside his father. With the groomsmen standing beside the groom. And the groom, with his white tuxedo, waiting for her. She smiles so bright. Her heart is pounding. Her feet seem to be stuck but she has to walk. She had to get to Gray. She walks slowly as she sees Gray in front waiting for her. She smiles wider and brighter this time.

It seems like forever when she had reached her father's place. Mr. Lancaster smiled at him, almost in tears.

"Juvia, I'm sorry you felt like I wasn't proud of you." He whispered. And he looked at her. Juvia wiped her father's tears. "I am always proud of you."

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