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'owww' Everything was black. I had no idea what was happening or where I was. I was going up and down like if I was running, but my feet weren't moving. 'whats going on? My head really hurts'.

Then it all came back. The battle, the leader orc, and... Oh my gosh Boromir. Was he dead? I couldn't bear to think about it. 'I must be getting lugged around.' I noticed that the thing carrying me was holding me in their arms like a baby. 'Something smells really bad'

'Do I risk opening my eyes.' I decided that I would squint them open just a bit. I slowly opened, and realized that the thing carrying me was one of the big ugly orc creatures.'Well that explains the smell.' Then I felt something bumping agasint my shine. 'Whats that?' It's my dagger. They didn't disarm me the whole way. 'Now if I could somehow get it, and then I could kill the orc carrying me. Then with any hope I can make a run for it.'

'Are we slowing down?' I said. The footsteps around me seemed to be going at a slower pace, until they stopped all together. 'Nows my chance.' I slowly reached for my dagger. I touched the handle on the dagger, and grasped it. I pulled it out carefully.

The orcs started running again. I then opened my eyes wide, and thrust my dagger into my holders chest. He screamed in anguish, and dropped to his knees. I dropped to the ground, and started crawling away.

"Whats going on?" Said a gruff sounding orc.

"Someone got attacked." Said another low voice. I heard them all draw their weapons.

"Wait" Said the first voice agian. "Wheres the she-elf?" My heart skipped. I had to move. I quickly jumped to my feet, and started sprinting in the opposite direction.

"There!" said another orc. I started running faster. I had to get out of here, but I couldn't run forever. My best hope was to hide.

As soon as I was a good distance between me and the orcs, something caught my foot, and I tripped. I fell to the earth. The feet behind me caught up, and grabbed my ankle. I screamed. The orc that had my ankle pulled me back. He flipped me over.

"You little brat." He said. He pulled back his hand, and slapped me across the face. I recoiled.

"Don't touch her" Said the leader orc. My face stung really bad. I put my hand to my face. I felt a warm sticky substance. I pulled back my hand and there was blood dripping down it. A couple of droplets fell to the ground. "Tie up her wirst and her ankles so she can't run again."

Two orcs came up carrying ropes. They quickly wrapped it around my wrist and ankles. they squezzed tightly. I cringed. Another orc picked me up. They were about to start running again, when the leader stopped, and he sniffed the air.

"What is it? What do you smell?" The orc holding me said.

"Man-Flesh" Said the leader.

"They've picked up our trail! Let's move!"

I opened my eyes wide. 'Aragorn. Their coming for me.' A smile came across my face. I wanted to get out, and go to them. So I started struggling again.

"She is struggling again. What should I do?" Said the orc holding me.

"Knock her out." Said the leader. 'What' But before I could think anymore I was out black once again.

Legolas' Point of View 

'Where are you' I looked out into the distance. I was on top of a rock looking at Rohan. I started sprinting again down the hill. Aragorn was leading and I followed close behind. We jumped down off a ledge. We were running between two cliffs.

Aragorn stopped. Up ahead of us was a orc on the ground with a dagger sticking out of its chest. I ran up to it, and Aragorn was right next to me.

"Who attacked them?" Aragorn asked.

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