Chapter 11

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Author's Pov

"Argh!" all of them hear Suho's voice as he shout in pain."Oh,I'll go to him.You guys better take some rest and get ready with his question about earlier" Lay said then run to his room that he shared with Suho."Suho baby" "L-Lay,it hurts" Suho whined.It feel like his dying.The pain is too much for him.Lay sit beside Suho and hug him."This pain...I can't heal it.I'm sorry baby.I know it hurts but this is your awakening" the tears streaming on Suho's cheeks. "Yeah,my awkening.I need to bare with it.Just bare with it" Suho close his eyes slowly when Lay sing a lulaby for him while he hugging Lay tightly
That night,the ten guys gathered together in Taoris's room."Guys,who want to eat?" Kyungsoo ask all of them.Before they could answer the question,Suho sit on the couch with them."So guys,tell me" He said with a creepy voice."T-Tell you about w-what?" Baekhyun stuterring."Umin hyung,tell me what they did to you at the beach" "T-They lay on me" even the oldest of them scared when Suho is in the bad mood/angry."L-Look,we played a game and Xiumin hyung lose"
"So Luhan hyung,you want to said that you guys lay on him only because he lose.He just as small as Kyungsoo!What if you guys hurt him?!He's your hyung!" No one dare to say a words."W-We're sorry Hyung" Kyungsoo said while stuttering."Fine" "But Suho,do you feel better?" the question make him blush a little.He do feel better because Lay keep say a sweet and romantic words to him."Yeah,I'm feel better now,Xiumin hyung" Suddenly,someone hugging him from his back."But baby,you need more rest.You will feel more pain later" "It's okay,Lay" he replied with a smile on his face."Suho,his right.You need to rest" Kris said."Hey,he need to eat too!" "Yeah,Kyungie is right!Let's eat!" Then the others follow Kai and his mate to eat and sit at their chair.
At night,TaoRis and BaekYeol couple go to the mall while HunHan and KaiSoo went to beach to have a walk.Then it leave SuLay and XiuChen at the hotel.

-XiuChen's Hotel Room-

"Baozi!" "What?!" "I love you~" "Ergh whatever.When the first time you talk to me,you look matured" Xiumin rolled his eyes playfully.Chen walk to his mate and put his arm around the smaller waist."You know,before I meet you,the others called me troll.But I stop disturb them to focus on you" Xiumin blush at Chen's words."And you know,actually all of us is the alphas in our planet" "You mean...leaders?!" "Yeah,something like that" Chen chukled at his mate reaction."You're so cute Minseok.I love you" "I-I love you too,Jongdae"

-SuLay's Hotel Room-

Lay admiring his mate sleeping face.He caressed Suho's cheeks and the said boy move a little and it make Lay chuckle.Suho open his eyes slowly then looking at his side (from left to the right) like a kid."You're awake now princess.How do you feel?" "Better now" It make Lay sad when Suho sick.The shorter cried in his sleep while mumble something like 'It hurts' and 'I can't take this anymore'."Are hungry?Do you want to eat some porridge?Kyungsoo send to our room before he go to the beach" "Yes please~" Lay take the porridge and told Suho that he will feed him."I can eat it by myself" "Aww,I don't even care my cutie baby"

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