My New Family Problems---16

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My New Family Problems, that turned my World Upside Down

Chapter 16

"Have I mentioned how much I hate hospital?" I asked them.

"No." Sarah, Zarah and Zane said as the same time my Mother said. "Yes."

Braylon chuckled. "Oh well I hate hospitals." I told them as we waited for the doctors to tell me exactly what is wrong with my leg. Apparently I hit a major vein and they had to do some surgery to fix it or something like that. So when I mean 'what is wrong' I really mean if the surgery went good.

"Ember?" Came a voice from the door frame and I smiled.

"Hey Ky. How's it going?"

"How's it going?!?! I just found out 30 minutes ago that my girlfriend is in the hospital. How do you think its going?" I stuck my tongue out at him briefly.

"Mother, Sarah, Zarah. This is my boyfriend Kyle Davidson. Kyle this is my mother and my stepsisters."

"Hello." He greeted with a warm smile. The twins said hi back, but my mother just got up and left with Zane behind her. "Should I....?"

"No. Ignore them." I told him.

"Yeah  Zane's just being a pain in the butt because he can't have Emberlee." Sarah said and she started to go on, but I interrupted her.

"You mind if I talk to Kyle alone?" Zarah nodded and grabbed her sisters hand and together they left the room. Braylon smiled sadly and left too. "Sooo...." I spoke as Kyle sat in the chair that my mother was just sitting in.


With a shrug I answered him. "I fell and some glass broke and wedged itself into my leg." With a gesture to my leg I continued. "And it was hurting so back that I pulled it out, but not before I kicked Zane for touching me and well the glass somehow became deeper and it hit a big vein so I was bleeding out. Yeah it wasn't that fun."

"So you kicked Zane with your bad leg?"

I laughed. "Is that all you caught out of my little information speech?"

"Sorta." He admitted and kissed my cheek. "I was really scared Ember. Honestly. One minute I was sitting under the tree at lunch talking to my friends about why you might not be at school and I tried calling you."

I sighe sadly. "My mother took my phone last night."

"Oh well that explains why you never texted back. Anyway," He continued. "next thing I new Alicia was telling me that you were in the hospital and that Braylon told her, but he didn't say what was wrong with you. I jumped in my car and sped out of there."

"Well don't worry. I'm fine." I assured him. He pulled my hand into his and smiled.

And right then, his phone rang. "Oh crap. Sorry. This will take just a minute or two." He told me and walked out. I just sat there in the hospital bed because of course I couldn't do anything else. Kyle came back five minutes later and told me that he had to go. I wanted to ask him why, but I knew from the look on his face that he didn't want to talk about. My mother came back after he left and the doctor came in a few minutes after that. They told me that I had to stay over night just in case, but I couldn't understand why. Of course they didn't say, but my mother and everyone else left afterwards.

"I'll just go home to bring you back some clothes." She told me.

"Alright mother." I mumbled and stared at my bed sheets. I was only alone for about ten minutes before a cop walked in. My eyes widened in fear before confusion took over.

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