Chapter 1

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"You're getting reassigned." Was the three words that crumbled Lucy Baker to little pieces.

"What do you mean reassigned?! I'm perfectly okay with the Prof! Why would I need to be separated?!" Lucy argued to the Commissioner, who had been staying perfectly calm.

"Well, more like promoted. The Prof is being taken somewhere else Lucy. We need that spot to be filled. And that spot will be yours." The Commissioner said, sounding very final and official with his decision.


"That is my decision. Please continue on with work." The Commissioner said, turning away now. Lucy sighed, tears threatening to fall as she walked away from the office.

She walked back to the Mystery Room, saddened with this sudden news. She opened the door, only to find that it was completely empty, the desk, office chair, and a few other belongings were still there. All the clutter, newspaper, and such had disappeared. Dustin was there however, sweeping quietly. Lucy ran to him as fast as she could.

"Dustin! What happened?!" Lucy asked and Dustin stopped sweeping to give her the news.

"It was like this the morning I came here. The Commissioner told me it was something about him leaving for good." Dustin replied, sighing, "I don't know where he's at now, but I heard he was now with his sister and father, I think."

"He didn't leave anything, a note, nothing?" Lucy asked, hoping for something.

"No, it was exactly this way." Dustin replied.

And that was when Lucy Baker just stared at Dustin, unable to comprehend.

"Lucy? Lucy? Are you alrigh..." Before Dustin could finish, Lucy had fainted.


"Oh, she's -achoo- awake." Florence said, as Lucy slowly opened her eyes.

"Where... Huh...?"

"You're in your apartment Lucy. You fainted in the Mystery Room, in front of Dustin, so the Commissioner thought it would be best to send you home. He trusted Florence and I with the task."

"Oh... Wait! The Mystery Room?! I need to get back there!" Lucy said, trying to get up but Sniffer pinned her down.

"Lucy, look. He's not there. That's your office now. You're taking his position." Sniffer said bluntly.


"I'm sorry -achoo- Lucy, but he's gone."

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