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* * *

Gaara (Mr. sandman)'s POV {if you understand that I love you forever}

   Hm. I'm paired with Temari. Ususally I'm with Suzume... What is sensei planning? Oh well... wind will assist my sand, but Suzume's wind streams and tornadoes work better with sand, compared to Temari's wind scythe. At least Temari and I could make a sandstorm...

Suzume's POV

   UGH! How did I get stuck with Kankuro? I mean, Temari and I could work well together because of our chakra nature being the same, and Gaara, I usually work with, but Kankuro? How does wind work well with a puppet?

   What was sensei thinking?

* * *

  "Alright," Sensei said. "We are cornering an A- Ranked criminal. Temari and Gaara will approach from one side, and Kankuro and Suzume, approach from the other. We have been tracking this person for quite some time, so we know where he is going. Here," He said, handing each of us a little clip. I gave it a confused look.

   "What is this?" I asked, fiddling around with it. I caught myself from swearing out loud when I almost dropped it. Luckily, I caught it in my hand before it hit the floor.

   Sensei glared at me, then continued his lecture. "You clip it to your ear. It allows you to speak to any one of the other three, as long as you're within a mile radius." He opens a scroll. A map?

   In a matter of 30 seconds, Sensei had drawn lines on a map of Suna to show where we were supposed to go. At around the halfway point, the lines split in half. The final destination was at the outskirts of the village, where the forest start to get thick.

   "You are to split induvidually once you approach the target. At that point, you will remain safe and within range of the headpieces. Then, you close in in the target." With a hand sign, the map turned into a mug shot of the guy. "Understood?" We all nodded. With a nod, he dismissed us, and we split into 2 groups.

* * *

   Floating along the designated path in a sphere of air, I tried to clip on the stupid headpiece. Kankuro was annoyed at first, then didn't seem to care, because I was keeping up. After a little while, I started to run normally again, and Kankuro and I discussed our plan of attack, in case of any enemy ninja.

   "Well," he began. "Since I've never really worked with you, I don't really know of a plan. Maybe we should just go head on, full power, and annihilate everything. It sounds like fun to me."

   I straightened up a little. "I have an idea."

* * *

   Sure enough, we came across three enemy ninja. One of them attacked directly, taking a 2 foot long blade and stabbing it into what seemed to be Kankuro's chest. That was when our plan began to unfold. "Kankuro" was actually a puppet, controlled by Kankuro himself. Using the poisonous blades on Crow, he took the first one out.

   I was watching all this through the shadows of the bushes and trees. While Kankuro remained on the path as an obvious target, I concealed myself within the plants. From this position, I could attack with wind, and they wouldn't know where it was coming from.

   Forming a few hand signs, I let most of the wind in my container out, and it dissolved into the air without a trace. By now, Kankuro was going after the second guy. A fire style specialist. I smirked. I don't know why they're fighting one at a time. It's really strange. But I needed to keep on high alert. Fire style is my weakness. Wind makes fire larger, and that's not good. Not good at all.

   A memory of after the chunin exams flashed through my head. I had blocked Sasuke's fire style jutsu by making a sandstorm. Too bad the ground is moister around here... If I even tried to use that as a wall... Just the thought of that isn't pretty.

   Suddenly, I had an idea. Since Gaara's chakra is sealed with mine, couldn't I tap into Gaara's sand power to drain the water from the ground! Hm...

   I focused a lot of chakra, trying to find Gaara, and borrow some chakra. Once I finally found it, I sensed the water draining from the sand, like it was being squeezed away.

   I thought that would help. I can't do much besides that. Good luck.

   I grinned, looking up at the sky, but the happiness was short lived. Something hot burned against my skin. Something VERY hot. My glance shot to my side, where a tiny flame flickered at my side. It was one of those tiny flames that you can blow out with your breath. But when I tried to put the fire out, it wouldn't budge. In fact, it wasn't even affecting the foliage and plants around me. A genjutsu?

   Shoving my way through the trees, the terrible burning spread, up my back, and down my left leg. Kankuro was defending himself, but there were a few burns on the wrappings from his puppet, the once white cloth was scorched in some spots. The enemy formed a few hand signs, and a wave of fire was headed toward Kankuro.

   The sand!

 * * *

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