Jealousy 2

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Angelo Pov

I was laying down with Yn on top of me. I dont know if she thought I was resting my hand there by accident, but it wasnt. I know that Yn is my mans girl, but he ain't treating her right. I know that its against guy code to mess with your mans girl, but he was messing with her friend.

Morning time

I woke up and Yn was fast asleep in my arms. I picked my phone up and looked at the time noticing it was 8:30. I hurried to wake Yn up. She ran to get ready and I hugged her and told her I would meet her at school. I ran to my car going home to change. I came to school and went in the class. But I didnt see her. But I did see Tasha sitting on Lucas lap. She probably seen it and got upset. So I looked down the hall and I seen her. I walked down to her.

She grabbed my hand and started to walk to the class. It seemed like she didnt see them together at all.

Me - You okay ? *curious*

Yn - why wouldnt I be?

I got quiet.

Yn - Lucas is in there hugged up with Tasha isnt he ?

Me - You didn't see them

Yn - No I was waiting on you to get here because I didnt want to go in the class by myself.

Me - Me might as well stay out here cuz class is over they will be coming out any minute now

Then the school bell rings and the hall was flooded.

Yn pov

I seen Lucas and Tasha boy, that hurt me so much!! Once he noticed me looking he let her go and acted as if I didn't just see him kiss her. Then I looked away and looked up at Lo who was looking down at me. Then something just happened. The way Lo looked at me made me blush uncontrollably. And I felt that I was over Lucas. Then I started to giggle a little and hide my face because im starting to form a crush on Lo.

Lo - *starts to smile* Whachuu laughing for

Me - I just noticed something.

Lo - What ?

Me - I dont give a fuck about Lucas anymore. I like someone else.

I looked at him and he turned his head away

Lo - I hope he likes you too.

Me - Me too.

Lo - We better get to class

For some reason Lo has been acting really distant all day to me. I don't even know why. But it doesnt seem like him. Because he's the type of person who's always being goofy and wants every one to laugh and be happy. So this distant shit is making me a little concerned.

It was time to go home and I gave him a hug and he barely hugged me back. And he said "Bye" like he didn't mean it. Im starting to think he's just mad at me. It was like 6 and he didn't text me.. I personally dont like texting first but I wanted to address the issue. Just as I was about to text him an unsaved number called.

I usually dont answer unsaved numbers but this number looked familiar. So I picked up.

Me - Hello

?? - We need to talk

Me - Who is this.

?? - So you deleted my number.

Me - Did I ever have your number saved

?? - Yes you did..

Me - Then who is this. Tell me and I might save your number.

?? - If I tell you I'll hang up. But I wanted to tell you I love you. And I made a huge mistake.

Me - Lucas , I know this is you. I really have nothing to say to you. You dont
Even care about me. Even if it was a mistake. You were being really selfish and just thought about yourself. Not giving a fuck about my feelings. Now what did she do to you. What made you call my phone.

Lucas - She's pregnant with someone elses baby.

I laughed hysterically through the phone.

Me - You have a nice life Lucas Coly.

I hung up the phone..

I played a perfect song for my current situation. Which was Toni Romiti ft. Tink, Nothing on me Remix..

Then I texted Lo

Text mode

Me - Lo ?
(Read at 6:16PM)

Lo - Wassup ??

Me - Why are you acting like this
(Read at 6:18PM)

Lo - I dont want to get in the way of you and dude you like.

Me - You don't understand
(Read at 6:20PM)

Lo - Yes I do

Me - How can I possibly cone between me and you
(Read at 6:23PM)

Me - Lo...
(Read at 6:30PM)

Me - LO ?!?!
(Read at 6:40PM)

Texting mode over.

It made me mad that he kept reading my shit and not replying. I was laying down and I heard the door open I figured it was my mom stoping home before doing her night shift at the hospital. It couldnt of been anyone else because I locked the door.But I was wrong. I seen Lo come through my bedroom door and jump on top of me attacking me with a bunch of kisses on my cheeks.

Me - *giggling* Lo stooooppp!!

Lo - No *starts tickling you*

Im very ticklish so I busted out laughing and we I tried to fight him off of me..From therr we were play fighting..Then we stopped

Me - Wait how did you even get in here..

Lo - Oh I found a spare key under the welcome mat

Me - Oh yeah we need to find a new hiding place for it. Thats too obvious.

Lo - Yeah it is

Me - Sooo, you were upset because you thought I liked someone else ?

Lo - Yup

Me - Your getting jealous but im not your girlfriend.

Lo - Do you wanna be ?

Me - Wait your asking me to be your girlfriend?

Lo - Yes

Me - Eww no I don't like the way you asked me.. Try again

Lo - *laughs* Yn Yln would you like to be my girlfriend

Me - I would love to be your girlfriend Angelo.

Lo - Ard now gimme a kiss

I got on top of him and kissed his lips repeatedly. Then I got up.

Lo - Where you going?

Me - Shower.

Lo - Lemme take one with you.

Me - Number one. I don't know you might try something. And Number two do tou even have extra clothes..

Lo - Yeah its in my car.

Me - Then go get it.

Lo - Can you go get it for me *fake pouting*

Me - *laughs a little* gimme yaa keys

He threw me his keys and I went in his car found his clothes and brought it into my room. Then I went in the bathroom and he was taking pictures in the mirror. So I hopped into one of his pics (the one in the media). He put that picture on Instagram, and lemme tell you all of his dick eating female followers were going crazy. We got in the shower and I automatically knew it was about to go down when he looked at me licked his lips and walked towards me slowly. He lifted me up and started to kiss my neck then suck on it leaving hickies. Then things escalated quickly and we were having shower sex.


Part three ? On Lucas pov and it tells his view of the whole situation ?

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