《Chapter 00》

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This story begins with an elite school that shelters the ones who are unique...the smart students. This elite school system is different from other school systems. If a student is naughty, silly, and every replay score below average, then they will be incorporated into "Class E" or the so-called "End Class", in which students will not get the complete facilities. The class is away from the main class and teaching is different from other classes. There are about 30 people who have been placed in the class.

One day, when the bell-hour lesson began, there was suddenly an octopus who knew where they came from that appeared in front of class E. The octopus made a statement in class E, which is that it's going to be the teacher and teach how to be a murderer. For him to be the teacher, all the pupils in class E must kill the octopus until the time limit is over, which is one year; if they fail to do so, then it will destroy the earth, as 70% is already destroyed.


I do not believe this. There is a girl who has intelligence above average students. I could use her intelligence to kill the octopus. But how? I'm sure Asano will definitely be putting her in class A.

"Karasuma, what are you doing? You look like you're thinking about something," said Irina.

"It's none of your business, Irina," I replied flatly. "It's just about a new student in the main building."

"It's unusual for you to care about the students in the main house. What's so special about her?"

"I just checked her documents--she has something special. But unfortunately, the government doesn't have that much information about her. I think her ability can help us kill the octopus." I got up from my chair and went to the main house to talk with Asano about the girl.

I walked into the principal's office and saw Asano who's been awaiting my presence. He looked at me with that creepy smile, for he already knows what I'm going to ask him.

"Ah, Karasuma, what made you visit the main building? Is there something that government wants you to say to me?" he asked.

"Yes, and this is about the new girl."

"Oh, so you already know about her. If you want me to put her in class E, I cannot." I was surprised to hear him say that.

"But she has the potential to kill the octopus. She is more intelligent than every student in class E."

"That's why I do not want to put her in class E. The school is in need of her intelligence for it can help improve other students' academics. Also, she doesn't have a bad record. So why I need to put her in the End Class?"

I was furious and angry at the head of this school. I cannot do anything else. If Asano won't put her into a class E, I wish the information about this yellow octopus does not spread, because I have a bad feeling about this intelligent girl. I sighed and walked out of the main building to the mountains, where the class is located. And what I'm most afraid of is happening. The girl who I wanted to enter into the class E was standing there, in front of me, overhearing the entire conversation between me and Asano.



EDITED (14 March 2019)

This story was made when I was 15 and still a newbie with the whole writing things. It's my very first story and please bear with the MC's character. If you don't like it, then don't read it. I rather see you stop reading this story than hear you complained about the characters.

Thank you.

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