Chapter 1

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A/N: You are a 14 year old girl, you have made mistakes in the past. You are ok with that, it isn't real anyone's business but yours. You like to keep to yourself, stay out of everyone's way, no attention dragged on to you.

Words like this is when you are mumbling

When you are yelling

Enjoy lovelies :) comment what you think <3


Reader's P.O.V.

As I walk the streets, I think of all the moments that lead me to this moment. ¨(y/n) Why are you running away?What is wrong with the life you have here? Darling, think of how you are affecting the your friends, plus your father and I!"Cried the women who never noticed me when I real needed her. Did she ever hear me when I cried myself to sleep at night? She said she cared, she said she loved me, when all she loved was money!

Walking these streets helps me clear my mind but, they can never fix the mistakes I made. These mistakes will never be forgiven. I'm not afraid to be alone, but at the same time, I'm terrified. Kicking rocks on the empty streets of London, I feel myself getting angry. Last time I got angry,well... Lets just say, I ended up here. I guess I should learn to control my anger.

~Time loop *boop boop bop* of an hour~

After walking around for an hour, I found myself walking circles. How? I guess I didn't read the signs well enough. I walked up to a bakery that was about to close for the night. ¨S-sir? May I buy some food? I've been walking...¨ the man rudely interrupted me, ¨Sorry, I don't give away food to peasants!¨ As I tightened my hands into fist, someone came over to the man. This person was about my age, and he had a taller man in a black suit behind him. This boy had a proud stance and an angry face. I could tell he was rich, he had some nice clothes like I once had. The man behind him, as well wore nice clothes. I took a few guess and debated. This man was the boy's father or butler, well they didn't look a like.

Boy's P.O.V.

I don't even understand why this man is rudely not selling the girl some food. It's ridiculous how he is... ¨Sebastian, do you think you could get the carriage, I'm ready to go home. I almost forgot to mention, we are having a guest if she would allow us to give her some warm food and bed. Would you do me the honor of coming to my manor and staying the night in one of my guest rooms?¨ She is a pretty girl, but she doesn't seem 100% alright. She's off, like Sebastian... I will have to ask him about it later. The girl looked me in the eyes kinda like a puppy would, ¨May I please. As long as I'm not a burden...¨ I gave her my fake smile, ¨I am Ciel Phantomhive, I will have my butler get the carriage so we can get you some actual food, not the garbage this street rat sells.¨ The man got mad but walked away, he turned around and gave me an evil look, I don't exactly care, he truly is a rat in a man suit.

Sebastian's P.O.V.

This young girl seems real unique... She has some secretes that will take a while to get out of her. They must be interesting, for she is making a great attempt to forget them. ¨Now my lady, what is your name?" I said in my usual kind voice. She looked at me and smiled, ¨I am (y/n), please to meet you... Sebastian?¨ She seems sharp when it comes to remembering things though. I smiled and nodded my head, sign to her it was my name. I ran and got the cart as I was told, but one thing is bothering me. Is she a demon, werewolf, or what? She doesn't seem fully human and unaware of it too.

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