Chapter 13: Suspension

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On Monday, I was sitting in class when I received a text from Daehyun.

-Hi Jieun, I can't come into school today because I got sick, can you keep me updated if something comes up in class?

-Sure, no problem :)

"Morning," Yongguk said to me, brushing his hand against my arm as he made his way to the back of the class.

I turned my head back and gave him a small smile when Mr. Shin came in. "It's nice to see everyone again-well most of you," the teacher directed his gaze to the back of the class, "Before I start class, Bang Yongguk, the principal wants to see you and your friends in his office."

I heard Yongguk click his tongue as his group walked to Mr. Shin and got a hall pass. My eyes followed him out the door and once he left, Mr. Shin officially started class. I wonder what was going on.

The lunch bell rang and Yongguk and his friends still haven't come back. I was just about to leave for the cafeteria when Mr. Shin called me up to his desk. "Yes?"

"Jieun, is everything alright with you? With school? Any boy problems?" He sounded really concerned.

"Um...everything is fine."

"Well I've been noticing something your life in danger or something? Is Yongguk forcing you to hang out with him?"

I widened my eyes, completely surprised that Mr. Shin would think that.

"Because I know he's been bothering you since the beginning of the year, but all of a sudden I start seeing you two together and he must be threatening you, am I right? I didn't want to say anything in front of all the students, but during the camping trip, he dragged you into the woods didn't he!"

"N-no, that's not what's going on at all..."

"Are you saying that you're hanging around him on your own will?"

"Um I guess?" I answered back.

"But you two don't seem like you'd get along well. Him and his friends are such troublemakers. And they give all of the teachers a hard time. Like just now for instance, a teacher reported that they saw Yongguk beating up one of the students and his friends are all witnesses."

I gasped,"Did he really beat up someone?" That sounded like something Yongguk would do in the beginning of the year, but not now.

"Well that's what the principal is trying to investigate."

Going to lunch wasn't very pleasant. Everyone came up to me and asked if I knew what was going on with Yongguk. Supposedly I'm supposed to know everything that goes on in his life. I didn't know all the details about what was going on so I didn't want to tell anyone anything.

"You're his girlfriend, shouldn't you know what happened?" an annoying boy from class asked me.

"I don't really know anything," I said back.

"Who knew that Jieun would end up dating a bad boy," Nayeon placed her tray next to mine and shoo'ed the guys who were trying to get information from me.

"So I'm guessing Yongguk's affairs are all over school then," I said playing with my spoon, I didn't have much of an appetite today. I looked up at Nayeon and she was smiling at me, "What?"

"You didn't deny that you two are dating. I so ship it."


"Were you trying to think of a cool comeback?"

"Yeah..." I nodded my head, "But it didn't work."


After school, I was sitting on the school steps, waiting for Nayeon to come out because we planned to walk home together, but she ended up texting me saying she had to stay late for choir practice. I stood up and put my phone in my pocket.

"Hey, were you waiting for me?" I knew that conceited voice anywhere.

I turned around, "Um, actually I was waiting for Nayeon," I said to Yongguk. "But she won't be coming. I was just about to head home."

"Alright, let's walk together." Yongguk started walking ahead of me with his hands in his pockets. I caught up to him and tried to read the expression on his face. I was kind of curious about what happened in the principal's office, but I wasn't sure if I should ask.

"You're wondering what happened today, huh?"

"Mmm well you don't have to tell me if you don't want to..."

"It's fine I'll tell you. Well long story short, I'm suspended for a few days."

"S-so you really did beat someone up?" I asked in a soft voice.

"No I didn't beat anyone up...on purpose," Yongguk sighed once he heard me gasp. "So here's the story. The guys and I were just walking in the hall on our way to class when we see this one guy from our year who is hitting on Youngjae's sister-"

"Wait, Youngjae has a sister??"

"Yeah she's a first year, anyway, Youngjae said he's always seeing that guy talk to his sister and he doesn't like it. He even confronted him about it one time but I guess he still hasn't learned his lesson. So when we saw that kid talking to Youngjae's sister, Youngjae's face got so red and he looked like he was ready to kill him, but then I held him back and told him that I was gonna handle it. So the bell rang and Youngjae's sister went to class and once the guy was alone, that's when I approached him. I politely told him that he should stay away from Youngjae's sister also since she is too young for him. The guy thought I was threatening him so he started smack talking and he was so asking for a fight."

"And then that's why you beat him up?"

"We're getting to that part of the story. So I was all 'whoa man I'm not tryna fight you' but then he took a swing at me-which was pretty weak by the way-so I dodged that amateur and just to mess with him I pushed him against the lockers and held my fist up. I was only supposed to do a fake punch and stop my fist before it hit his face but thennnn I guess I used too much force and I actually ended up punching him in the nose. Yuuup before you knew it, there was blood everywhere and the guy yelled that he would kill me. Right when a teacher walked by, the guy was fake crying and she took him to the nurse.

When we got to the principal's office, we were all trying to explain that it was an accident but that guy made up a story saying that we've been bullying him and I was saying how that was complete BS but the principal chose to take the cry baby's side because I supposedly have a "reputation." And yeah, I'm suspended for a few days."

"Oh Yongguk," I said with a sigh.

"Don't do that disappointed voice thing. That sounds like my mom when the principal called her and put her on speaker."

"So you won't be at school for a while?" We finally stopped in front of my house and I reached into my bag for my keys. I felt Yongguk lifting up my chin.

"Aw don't be so sad. Just try to find the strength to live without me for a few days."

"I think I'll live," I chuckled.

"Well this will probably be the last time I'll see you for a couple of days since my parents probably won't let me out of the house during my 'prison sentence.'"

"Well sorry to hear about that. I guess I'll see you around," I reached out and shook his hand. While I was doing that it suddenly hit me that that was a really stupid thing to do.

"A handshake?" Yongguk laughed, "I guess you're still playing hard to get," He lifted up my chin even more so that the distance between us was smaller. He stared down at my lips but then suddenly moved away, "I'll restrain myself for today. Just so you know, kissing you isn't the only thing that goes through my mind."

Watching him walk away I was starting to feel regretful. Since I knew that I wouldn't be able to see him at school for a while, I should have at least given him a hug instead of a handshake. Ok, maybe next time.

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