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Chapter 22

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(Your POV)

Claude had you tied up in the garden and well....lets say things aren't going well.You heard your father's voice and stopped arguing with Claude and looked over his shoulder to see your father and Hannah talking."DADDY!!"You yelled happly.Your father looked over at you and smirked."Well if you'll excuse me."Your father said with a small bow.Your father walked over to you."Y/N,what happened to don't get caught?"Your father asked as he cut the spider webs that kept you from leaving."Well....funny story."You started.Your father glared at you and a shiver went down your spine."S-Sorry father."You said looking down.

You looked up to see Claude walking towards you-not knowing he left-and rolled your eyes."Crap it!"You said giving yourself a mental facepalm."Daddy,we should go before that wretched spider comes over to get me."I said giving Claude a look of disgust.Your father grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the woods.Claude quickly shot webs at you left ankle making you trip and fall."Ouch!"You said through pure anger while looking at Claude.Your father stopped walking and turned to help you up but Claude pulled you towards him."Hey your basically dragging me!!Stop it!"You said as your favorite dress ripped.You finally made it to Claude and he pulled you to your feet.

"You idiot!!That's the dress my mother brought me when I turned 112!!"You said hitting Claude's head."Aww you act just like your mother."You heard your father whisper to himself.Claude didn't say anything and so you looked deeply into his eyes as they glowed fuchsia."Hey!Are you even there!?"You said annoyed.Claude looked over your shoulder and you turned around to see your father walking towards you."Y/N I think its ti-"Your father was interrupted by the sound of Ciel's voice."Y/N...may I speak to you?"Ciel said walking towards you.You looked to where your father was standing but didn't see him."Eh?Uh s-sure."You said walking towards Ciel still looking back clueless.                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ciel asked if you would stay with him and you couldn't say no so your staying.You were walking down the corridor carrying your ripped dress."Ahh...I'll have to get father to fix father."You said to yourself."Lady Michaelis."You heard Hannah say.You quickly turned around."Leave me alone!!"You said clenching your fist."Please don't get mad Lady Michaelis."Claude said appearing out of nowhere."Who ever said i was getting mad?"You asked in a sarcastic tone.Claude just glared at you and you walked off.You walked up and down the hallways and you were so mad you got lost you were paying attention.

'Crap i'm lost.'You turned around trying to remember which hallway you came from."Y/N...are you lost?"Ciel asked calmly.You turned around to see Claude and Ciel."Oh great,just fabulous."You said quietly while looking at Claude."Claude may i ask of you to leave me and Y/N alone."Ciel said looking at Claude."Yes master."Claude said before disappearing.You looked down at the ground feeling awkward.'I dont feel right...i dont know what to do.Im looking at Ciel yet looking at Alois.'You felt Ciel push you up against the wall kissing you roughly."I really missed kissing your soft sweet lips."Ciel said pulling away.'did i kiss Ciel or Alois?Which one was it!?Im so fudgeing confused!!"You passed out.'What happened?'

Sorry guys ive been getting ready to leave tomorrow im going outta town so no technology for me.Please tell me if you liked it or not.

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