Happy Birthday, Daniel James Howell

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AN: its dans birthday here so Im writing this you can expect a lot of fluff and its so short im so sorry dont murder me

Warnings: nothing just extreme fluff

Relationship status: together


*Third Person*

"Bye guys!" Dan said to the guests, closing the door. It was now only him and Phil. "So," Phil asked from behind Dan, slightly scaring him. "Buffy?" He wrapped his arms around him, kissing his cheek. "Yup." Dan replied with a smile. You know, this was a lot easier when I was taller than you." Phil informed. Dan giggled.

He grabbed Phil by the hand and led him to the living room. "I'll go get the CD's." Phil ran to his room. Dan went over what happened the whole day. All their friends came over. Adrian and his mum and dad were there. They had so much fun. They blasted Muse out loud, and they didn't hesitate it. A smile formed on his face as he remembered everything. "I'm back." Phil interupted him, wth a box of CD's in his hands. "Let's start from season 1." Dan suggested. Phil put the CD in and pressed play. Dan placed his head on Phil's shoulder.

6 seasons in, Dan fell asleep. Phil noticed in the middle of the season finale and chuckled. "We were so close to season 7." He said, gently placing Dan's head on his lap. He caressed his hair which has turned slightly curly. Phil felt lucky to have Dan in his life. When they met 6 years ago, they never expected to celebrate Dan's 24th Birthday together, let alone live together. Phil kissed his forehead and smirked. "Happy Birthday, Daniel James Howell."

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