Life Round Here

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Carson on the side! (; Yummm!

But the more you fuckin know, less things feel real

Less things feel real, and the time shifts

And my mind shifts and ain't really

Anyone or anything I can really vibe with

Cause... I'm searchin', but I'm terrified

And by the time I find what I'm lookin' for

I'll be dead inside

Life Round Here - Ellie Goulding ft Angel Haze

Chapter Two - Searching For The Remedy

Viola's P.O.V

"Violet? We have to go to school." I shook her a little. Violet's eyes opened. I stared into my sisters bright green eyes.

"I'm not going." She mumbled and turned over. I frowned when she hissed. Maybe she was having bad cramps.

"Do you need anything? Should I come home at lunch?" Violet waved her hand at me, so I decided to leave her alone. I know how it can get at that time of the month. Violet was horrible when she had her period.

"Where's your sister?" Dad looked up from his phone when Mom said that.

"She has cramps." Mom rolled her eyes and continued to cook.

"Oh God. Everyone stay away from her." Mom said.

"Stop, Sophia. You should get to school before you're late, Sophia." Dad continued to look at his phone. I wasn't going to argue with so I left.

I could tell today was going to be really boring because Violet wasn't here. People probably wouldn't even notice me today. If the sexier fashionable twin wasn't around then no heads would turn my way.

Time for hell.


Violet's P.O.V

"Violet, we're leaving now, okay?" Dad said.

"Mhm." I mumbled.

"What do you want me to bring back, honey?" I wanted to smile, but I wasn't in the mood. I was in pain, and I didn't feel like being sweet.

"Nothing." I turned back to the window. I watched all the happy people walk down the street.

Why couldn't that be me? Why couldn't I have a normal life? Why couldn't my boyfriend be normal?

"It helps if you talk about it, Violet." I ignored my Dad and kept looking out the window.

"Let's just go, Aiden. It's not going to work." Mother sighed. I thought I heard sadness in her voice. I knew I was wrong though. The bitch was never empathetic.

No one was ever empathetic when it came to me. I was just some big slut that fucked up all the time. They thought they knew me, but they didn't. Nobody knew my story.

A few knocks on the door made me turn my head. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I got up. I was still a little sore from Storm, but I was able to move around.

I opened the door. The new boy next door was standing at the door with a plate in his hand. I raised my eyebrow at him while he smiled.

"Hey, I'm Carson. I don't know if-" I rolled my eyes and started talking over him.

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