I was just listening to Bring Me The Horizon (this is for you Kimbolisha) When I heard some moaning in my fucking room! Oooh no Miss felicia better not be in my room doing her shit again. Last time Robin did it with the captain of the fucking lacrosse team and i had to get alot of shit from the Bed Baths and Beyond to clean up the fucking mess.
Not kidding.

I went upstairs took my bat out and swung the door open to find most horrible sight in the whole wide world.

My supposed to be boyfriend lying on my bed sucking my supposed to be best friend's hairy ass pussy. Oooh Malissa you are so gonna get your as beat.

They didn't even notice me walk upbto them until i swung my bat and hit my "boyfriend" on the shoulders.


He looked up and winced. I dont know if it was because of the pain or the hard glare im giving him.

I looked back to my bed and saw the bitch i called a best friend. She was smirking her little ass like she just won the lottery, but honey, imma show you something that would be a big impact be a big impact in your life.

I went straight up to her and smacked the shit out her and threw her and her hairy pussy off my bed. I spinned my bat like i was about to give a homerun to the winning game.

I swung at her stomach kicked her ass (literally) out of my room and threw their clothes and threw thrm out the window.

I once again glared at the asshole and made my way to him. Once i got to him i was about to swing his ass when i thought that it wasn't worth it.

It would just satisfy Malissa even more in a way. All i did was take him by the hair, naked and all, and threw him outside next to the bitch.

"Never step in this house or i'll really beat the shit out of both of you!!!" I screamed but not before throwing a big ass rock at the sluts head.

Hearing her yelp in pain made me almost smirk. Key word ALMOST.

I kept telling myself not to cry but i couldn't help it i was so disappointed at him. I took my big tube of ice cream and started eating with a spatula. Honestly you cant judge in a situation like this. Or if you cant find a spoon or a tool in that concept you use
the next big thing.

I drowned in my own misery with vanilla ice cream and 4 bags of gummy bears. I put on the Fault in Our Star. "Oooh come on, why do the hot guys always got to die." I sniffled while kicking my feet. Then, for some fucking reason God gets mad at me and play's 1+1 by Beyonce.

"Fuuuuuuck what did i ever do to you to make me hear this" i cryed listening to Beyonce's unwanted song at the moment. I threw out the tube of ice cream and got another one but this time pistachio and almonds.

I never want to see that motherfucker Brian ever again. "Im hot, im not THAT lanky and i do gotta say i have a great ass." I spoke to myself while shoving another spatula full of ice cream in my mouth. I think im gonna get bigger than aunty Marsha after thanksgiving. I shuddered and that gave me enough strength to put the ice cream in the fridge and clean myself up.

I went to my bedroom and ight to my bathroom. I wanted to take a long bath and then go to the movies.

I put Pandora on and heard 'Black Widow' by Iggy. After i washed well and calmed myself down, i put on some black boxers black skinny jeans and a red black veil brides t-shirt with black and red Jordans .

I went downstairs and took my leather jacket with my keys in there. I went to the garage and saw my baby a Harley Davidson my dad gave me. I turned it on and went speeding to the movie theaters. When i got there i chose Insidious Chapter 3 and went to the section. I took my seat and closed my eyes.

After a few minutes i felt the presence of multiple bodies. I sighed and opened my yes to look around.

I noticed that i was sitting in between 4 sex gods. The one on my right had black hair and piercing blue eyes. Sitting next to him was a man with blonde hair and green eyes. The men on my left both had brown hair but one had grey eyes and the other had hazel eyes. They all had extremely well built bodies. And were showing 8-packs.

Oooh my Jesus this is going o be a long night, i thought as i slouched in my seat.

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