Not so Innocent

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I hate the bus. I was so angry at the fact that my car broke down 2 days ago. Melanie tried to make me feel better by bringing me to the very back on the bus and cuddling against me.

"Baby it's okay you'll have your car back soon, it's in the shop... Plus now you get to see what I went through before I met you." she giggled a little.

I just sighed, Damn I hate this. This was going to be a long ride for both of us because we live farther away from the school.

I looked at the 3 other kids on the bus they were all scattered in different areas doing things to keep them busy.

I sighed then looked over at Mel. God, my baby is so cute then my eyes lowered she must be wearing something very sexy underneath her shirt because when I looked hard enough I could vaugly see lace and her boobs were nice and perky and slightly showing from her low cut shirt and that skirt she's wearing today is just... Damn.

Maybe it's time to have a little fun. I thought to myself .

I leaned over and started kissing on her neck.

She giggled cutely as she started to get turned on "baby we're on the bus!" She whispered and me and I smirked.

"Just stay quiet and they won't know" I whispered back slipping my hand up her skirt. She gasped and moved my hand quickly and I couldn't help but chuckle as she blushed hard looking to see if anyone heard or saw.

"Come on baby" I said giving her the puppy face and she bit her lip hiding a smile "fine, take it easy on me" she said still blushing a little.

I decided to start out simple I put my hand under her shirt and cupped her boob, I could feel her hard nipple through the thin lace material and lined the top of her bra. I smiled and ran my thumb over it repetitively. I watched as she sucked in air from her growing excitement. I pinched her nipple softly and she moaned very quietly but I could hear it. I then slid my hand under the bra for skin to skin contact and she shivered in pleasure as I cupped and squeezed her boobs.

"Babe stop that's really obvious" she whispered "if anyone looks at us they would be able to tell"

I pouted but stopped. Then I moved my hand back up her skirt and she let me, I started off simply rubbing and feeling on her thighs then I couldn't beat around the bush anymore. I pressed my fingers against her panties and they were soaked. Damn my baby gets excited fast, I thought to myself and I began to rub her through her wet panties . I looked up at h r as she did it watching the faces she made she bit her lip then closed her eyes then opened her mouth as if she was moaning silently.

She gasped and shivered as I placed my finger on her bare clit. I heard her inhale deeply as I rubbed her wet clit in circular motion. I smirked watching her as she couldn't help but make little moans and groans.vHer moans are so cute and sexy.

I pulled my hand away as the bus stopped and got off with my cute 'innocent' girlfriend following behind me.

I looked at her confused because it's not her stop.

"I want you, now" she replied to my look looking into my eyes.

"Let me walk you up to my room"I said licking my lips , we all know what's about to go down.

Not so innocent anymore is she 😏

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