100% Perfect Ch.18

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100% Perfect

Chapter 18

McLean wandered through the halls of the labs, watching his creations. Almost all of them were confined to some type of room, whether it be padded or locked. Of course, dangerous things must be locked up, or not created at all. but McLean? He loved to create unnatural things, to play god. He loved seeing the artificial life in their eyes. He loved designing every aspect of them, from their eyes to their life spans. The heels of his black shoes clicked against the linoleum tiles. His cold eyes flicked toward his latest creation, the Stone Child. The creature was a male, a specimen of great...success in McLean's eyes. The child stared at the wall blankly, frozen in one position. He was much like a moldable Barbie. McLean smiled, then walked on. He glared into the empty room, with two symmetrical sides. Poppy and Bailey's room. Soon they would be filled...soon... McLean went over and locked the door, then unlocked it again. He spent the next several minutes locking and unlocking the glass door, dreaming of what was to come...

Poppy's POV

I was out in the woods when it happened, swinging on the tire swing. The first thing I heard was a scream. Stephanie's scream. Followed by a gunshot. Immediately I leaped to the ground, hiding myself beneath the leaves to the best of my ability. My eyes scanned across the green horizon, looking towards the pond. Bailey's head popped up, and my heart stopped. Three men in black suits came up, yanking her out of the murky waters. I leaned closer to the ground.

"Hide!" Bailey cried out, obviously screaming towards me. This couldn't be happening, after everything we'd done. All the precautions we'd taken. I held my breath. The leaves rustled when I breathed, so it was most likely best. I looked to the left. There was a stick, curved much like a bow. I slowly, but quietly reached for it. Quickly, I tore a bit of the elastic from my underwear (Yes, underwear.) and tied it to the wood. McLean shouldn't have trained me to make a makeshift bow in the woods. Idiot. I grabbed a couple of twigs and gently rose to my knees, pulling the twigs back in the elastic to aim at the jerks taking my sister away. But before I could shoot, my arm was slapped down, hard. I cried out in pain.

"Poppy." McLean glared at me with his cold, green eyes. I laid on the ground, clutching my throbbing arm. I could hear Bailey's screams, mixed with Stephanie's.

"You think I'm that ignorant, don't you? I taught you these skills. But a teacher always knows not to teach a student everything." His gaze did not enlighten me. I swallowed hard, but yet did not say anything. I clenched my jaw tight.

"Speak." He said. Ha, like I would. He immediately kicked me. I still did not say anything. He thought he had so much on me, being my creator. Had this idiot seen my genetics? I was like a binary code of failed experiments and specimens. Yet still, I could have him on the ground in seconds. I quickly checked my surroundings. The only thing that could honestly stop me from killing him was a tree that he could pin me against.

I leapt up, grasping him by the neck and slamming him to the ground. He retorted by clamming on to both of my arms and trying to roll me over. I stepped on his balls, naturally. He called out in pain. "Benefit Of Being A GIrl #457, Not having a sensitive place known as your testicles." I leaned down and whispered in his old man ear, stepping down harder with my knee. He still had my arms, but not for long. I pulled away and elbowed him in the face. Curled up in the fetal position, McLean was just your typical psycho old guy. I drop kicked him in the stomach, then turned around. There was a guy. Who was tall. Who pinned me against that retarded tree I said would be the only thing that could keep me from killing McLean. God I hated that geezer.

Bailey's POV

The pond. My only safe place. And I decided to rise up out of the disgusting water to get kidnapped. Goody. Curiosity kills the cat. I ended up in the back of a van, as usual. Stephanie was there too, sobbing her eyes out. I couldn't sense Gordon. Some part of me said that he was gone. My heart clenched. right as I heard the door open. Poppy was thrown in, as I could hear her rambling. Something about an old guy, unicorns, and drop kicking. Not that it really mattered, since my eyes were covered and my arms were taped together. I thought about Gordon. Was it the gunshot? Or maybe he was just knocked out? I really hoped it was the latter. The door was slammed shut, and I realized we would be leaving without him.

I swallowed, feeling like I was going to cry. The moment we had dreaded for so many years, taken so many precautions, escaped so many times. Yet in the most remote area possible, with the highest level of secrecy, we were still discovered. By the coldest, cruelest man in the world. I wished death upon him. He was so...selfish. Greedy. All he wanted was to probe us and make money. Why? 


McLean clutched his gut, feeling the sharp pains caused by his daughter. His own kin. His own fault. But then again, as ignorant as he was, he did not care. Did he mind he was going to die because of internal bleeding from the kicks? No. He just wanted his money. He just wanted his happiness. 

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