Finally, it appeared as though night was coming to a close. Through the holes in the ceiling of the church, Tiffany could see shards of light; daggers to her red, puffy, tear-stained eyes. There were still stars in the sky and a mystical moon, yet the tint of night held no beauty for her. Time had slowed, like pursuing an unobtainable mountain summit, until Frederick fell off from on top of her.

Blood dried around Tiffany's mouth. She never regretted biting the tip of his tongue off while he tried to force it inside her mouth, even when the metallic-tasting blood entered her mouth and chugged down her throat. Even minutes after, she could still taste the copper that brought up bile to distract from the taste. The bile tasted better.

Frederick stumbled around in ecstasy as he fumbled for his clothes. He put his scruffy jumper on first before finding his pants. Tiffany stared at him as he did so, trying her best to keep from seeing the deformity between his legs. Instead, she looked at his face, hoping to find some humanity there.

"You'll not get away with this," Tiffany spoke as loud as she could through her sobs. "You're going to jail for the rest of your life." She wanted her words to matter, to make an impact on him. She wanted to scare him and she couldn't wait until he paid for what he did. "And if jail doesn't work out, I'll kill you myself."

Frederick managed to pull on his pants without breaking eye contact with Tiffany. "You wanted me inside you, I could see it in your eyes. I could see it every single day for the past two years that I've been watching you." Frederick moved close to Tiffany, who still lay still upon the stone table. Her hands dangled over the edges, dirty with the mud that plagued the sides of the table.

"You'll get what you deserve," Tiffany whispered. She grabbed his hand and transferred that mud to his palm, marking him like the black spot. Frederick looked down at his hand for a moment before wiping the mud on Tiffany's face. Tiffany recoiled and struggled but still she was chained to the table.

"I think I'll leave you here until somebody finds you," Frederick said dully, the afterglow of sex having already worn off. Without taking another look at his project upon the table, Frederick set off, passing the numerous dead bodies that covered the ground. Tiffany watched him as he jumped over cracks and rubble before removing the wooden guard from the door and leaving. He left the doors open. As Tiffany watched him pass the stone statues, she vowed there would be no judge or jury in her trial against Frederick. There would only be an executioner.

Tiffany squeezed her eyes shut when she could feel the tears start to build again. They threatened her eyelids to open. She held out for as long as she could before the small pain was too much for her to handle. Her pain quickly turned to anger. The chains that held her down felt lighter all of a sudden and Tiffany thrashed against them, but it was a trick of the mind. She convinced herself she was getting out of the church alive but the fear was plain on her face.

Her legs gave up first. She closed them and kept her knees tight together, vowing vengeance on her tormentor. The thoughts swirled in her head of what to do, knowing any attempt to break free from her chains were fruitless.

As if a fairy godmother heard her cries, the door that she almost escaped from burst open. Tiffany's attention darted to the Nave where the noise erupted. A flash of lightning torched the room in momentary light. But nobody stood at the door.

Panting, Tiffany looked around the room. She now felt accustomed to anything supernatural following her brush with the devil so she realised it wasn't just the wind that opened the door. Somebody was going to join her; she could feel it.

The candles that had been extinguished sparked to life upon another flash of lightning. A heavy wind filled the room; the flames flickered but refused to extinguished. The wind stabbed the skin on Tiffany's body like millions of tiny needles. A quiet humming sound became audible amongst the gush of the wind. Tiffany tried to make out the sound, to see if she could recognise a tune, but nothing came to mind. The only thing she could make out was that the humming originated from a female throat. More than one female throat.

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