Soo new story :) well this has been in my head for a while so i started writing. the first 7 parts will be 1-2 pages.... well so here's to a new story!!

Part 1: David Anderson


David Anderson was a quiet man, never said much bad about anyone. He never often lost his temper, except for around his young daughter, Sierra Elizabeth Anderson and her mother, Alisa Jean Anderson.

David was thirty-three, at the time. He had professionally-cut mahogany brown hair and emerald green eyes with tan skin.

When talking about his daughter, which he frequently did, he described her as smart and an extraordinary talented. Grew a taste for modern alternative music quickly and learned how to play the guitar. All and all, she was a normal 7 year old. Since the last time he saw her, which was his and her mother's anniversary.

Alisa and Sierra woke up like any other crisp April morning, searching the large Victorian-styled home, for the missing father. While looking, the young Sierra found a single letter, on her night stand. It was addressed to her from her father.

Dear Sierra,

This will be the last you will hear from me, for now, it would be for the better if you did not show this to your mother. Don't find me, or send a missing person alert. Suggest I had to go to work early. Please don't be mad at me, I will try to contact you at a later time.

I still love you, and I'm not ditching you, I'm leaving your mother. I would take you with me, but it would be for the best that you don't be associated with me or my whereabouts. Please forget me and everything about me. Clear all memories. I know this is sudden but it has to be this way. I love you, sweetheart. I guess this is goodbye. Hopefully someday you will forgive me.


By the closing of the letter, tears were raining from her eyes. He would only call her by her first name, and not "Boo" when he was serious. She stuffed her paper down under her mattress exiting her room and telling her mother she was going to play dolls in the basement.


12 years later


David has almost forgotten his past family. He has remarried a new woman, Veronica. He met Veronica, at the local bar. She was sitting alone, silently sipping a tall Bud Light, watching a basketball game on the TV. He walked over to her and as they say, the rest is history. Now they have a child, Brooklyn who is 10. He started at a new company, where he made a lot of money. He never broke away from his neat-freak ways. But always, made time for his new family. 


Well there's person 1 the first 7 parts will be just meeting the other people in then the rest will be just taking off from there.... I really don't have a rant.... so







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