Chapter Sixteen

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After another exhausting day, she was grateful she wasn't the one to have to drive back, rather more like Duke. Harper entered the lift tapping her shoe against the floor that as the doors closed, James moved in startling her. He looked over at her, seeing the slight tint of pink in her cheeks. "Evening." He muttered. Harper looked up and nodded.

"You getting picked up?" He asked looking down. Harper parted her lips. "Y-Yes." She looked down her feet feeling very awkard. "You know your car isn't safe, I would feel much better if you drove a safer car, I should get Sameuls to get you one." He said. Harper looked up frowning. "Thank you for the offer, but I still think my car can get me from A to B. Its still safe." She mumbled. James raked his hand through his hair. "Miss Daniels, I would rather you had a new car or for Sameuls to arrange to pick you up from now on." He persisted. Harper lifted her bag further up her arm. "Mr Brewer. I don't need a new car neither does Sameuls have to go out of his way to pick me up. I am fine." She informed. James sighed. "You sure are stubborn. I am offering you a car Miss Daniels." Harper parted her lips, the creases forming upon her forehead. "Your unbelieveable. Why can't you accept I don't want a new car. Excuse me." She huffed as soon as the doors opened. James sighed with frustration following after her. "Miss Daniels." He called out. She continuted walking on not looking back till she was grateful when she reached her car. Duke rolled down the driver's window smiling.

"Let's go." Harper demanded as she got in. James rushed out the doors, missing her as the car drove off. James frowned. He was only trying a kind gesture, but the part of him just didn't want her in that car with that man. Clearly couldn't she see the man was attracted to her, who wouldn't be he thought.

Harper sighed as she rolled down the windows. "What was all that about?" Duke said smirking as she looked over. Harper rolled her eyes. "I think lets just be glad I didn't fall over." Harper looked out the window, why was that man so hard to understand she thought. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand on her leg. Harper bit her lip looking over to Duke who had his eyes still on the road. "You mind?" Harper teased. Duke cocked his eyebrow as if surprised. "So...that guy was the man I saw at the bar yesterday, care to explain. I mean he did look very important." He asked still not removing his hand from her leg. Harper bit her lip harder before answering. "That's my boss...there's nothing to frett upon." Duke squeezed her leg encouraignly. "You sure? From what I saw this morning he seemed pissed that I was hugging you. And I did just see him follow you out of thoes doors like mad." He said. Harper bit her lip, it was getting rather uncomfortable how Duke was trailing his fingers slowly up her leg, even teasing into her inner leg. Harper let out a slight squeal as he reached a sensitive part which made him frown playfully. "Trust me. There's nothing going on. He's just is a control freak." She persisted, biting her lip harder as he continuted to trail his fingers, slowly tormenting her.

"Well that's good. I thought I might be having some competition." He smiled, Harper saw this as only teasing and smiled back. She was very grateful when they reached her house. Duke switched off the igintion slowly removing his hand off her leg, inside she sighed in relief. Harper tried to open her door but it was locked. "Duke, the door." She informed. Duke smirked slowly turning in his chair. "Oh Harper, we've plenty of time before we need to go in." Harper could see the change in body language, the glint in his eyes. She flinched, falsely smiling back as she turned her body towards him. "Duke, let's go talk inside." She encouraged. Duke smirked slowly moving forward as he undone his seatbelt, he trailed his fingers again on her lap startling her. His fingers reached her cheek where he playfully caressed it in circular motions. "Duke." She urged. He smiled before he lunged back as someone knocked on the window. Dani stood there smiling, Duke unlocked the doors as Dani opened the driver's side. "Come on you two. I have great news and I want to celebrate." She beamed. Harper took this chance and got out walking across to Dani. "What's the big news?" She smiled, pretending that what just happened didn't just occur. Duke got out and joined the side of her smiling. "Yeah, Dani. Come on I am begging for a bit of party." He gleamed. "And Harps needs to get drunk to relieve some stress, right Harp?" He said as he pulled Harper into a side hug, she nodded pretending to be happy but she was really distracted of where Duke was placing his hand, it was settling low on her back as he pulled her closely in.

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