his mistake! ch.9

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hey guys/girls

                          i would like to say i had the most amazing day out yesterday and it gave me an inspiration which later changed when i had a dream so here we go. Just so you now I'm giving you the night that they see each other in a flashback term and then its 2 weeks later okay just so you understand

love ya peeps






It's been four days since we've been in Ibiza and we haven't saw the boys once. We've been out clubbing all over the place and no sign of them lucky me. Today we just stayed by the pool and sunbathed and tried to recover from major hang overs, you may hear in book's that werewolves are hard to destroy give us 7 vodka and tequila shots and were dead in the brain. The only trouble we've had is finding the key to the hotel room and having to ruff it out on the sun lounges the second night here. We have .... 1 more day... 1 more and then were leaving i'm going to miss this place. So many fun memory's:

*Becci staring at the pool boy when we were walking past and she fell in the pool.

*Me singing its raining men and then waking up to be dragged my to hotel waiters back to my room with my friends in tow laughing at me.

*Charlotte trying to 'cop off' with the bar man at the very first club (she doesn't drink a lot).

*Jenna pool dancing around someones washing line

And all of them court on camera, we seriously need to come here again it brings out our fun and wild sides. We went to get ready for the club after an hour we were ready.


later that night


I remember dancing with the girls and then we all headed to the toliets. We saw the boys well we saw three of the boys, Mitch, Taylor, and Dinex, Sam was no where to be seen. We sat with the boys for a while then I got up and headed to the toilet. I was close to the door when I heard moans of 'Sam' and then hot kissing sounds. It couldn't be my mind started to race. I turned the courner and there was Sam with a gilr pushing her against the wall kissing her without any problem. I coughed and he grunted but didn't turn away, I coughed louder and he said, "Look what's your problem bud, can't you see i'm busy?" I felt my heart break when he turned and saw me, regret pure on his face, not regret for kissing her, regret for getting court in the act. "Rosa, it's not what it..." I was furiuse "Don't tell me it's not what it looks like. I can see on your face you don't regret it so don't even try to explain i've had enough of your crap." By now I was in full blown rage. I go to run but I feel so weak My legs don't want to move. I relise why, my body is glowing with markings I see evryday when I look in the mirrow but no one else sees until now. He gasp, I feel my soul being pulled out of my body, my heart breaking, I feel so much anger, so much pain. I fell to the ground in gasping pain I saw Flash, Dad and Mum, the girls are running to me. But I know what's happening. My Dad kneels next to me "Daddy, I'm sorry it's happening.... urrggghhh" pain is ripping through me the last thing I saw and heard was my mother crying and saying, "I love you, I just couldn't deal with knowing it's my folt you are different!" I was so sad too I needed to tell her, "It's not your folt I was picked, I love you... always... even when I don't show....it...." My voice was so weak with pain I finally slipped into he darkness, with no feeling of pain, or heartbreak. Like every year on the same day the profecy would play in my head and until I awake I see and hear what everyone says aload... and what they don't.


OKAY LEAVING YOU THERE sorry but it hasto be done so tomorrow I will try to upload and its going to be two weeks later and yes she wakes up it is only ever she is out for a day happens every year and every year she is trying to find a cure for the curse so will she find it will she not will she forgive sam will she not and if she does hes going to pay for it first so write to you soon goldengoose226

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