Cordell: chey...remember you said you needed time to think right?

Me: yaaah...

Cordell dropped down to one knee and pulled out this box, he opened it and it was a big diamond ring.

Cordell: Chey.....I know you love me, and i love you too....will you marry me???

I gasped and started crying, everyone was getting emotional. I nodded my head.

Me: Yesss...yess I'll marry you!

Cordell flashed his smiled and slid his ring on my finger and kissed me, everyone started clapping and sending congrats. I was happy as hell.

I heard the front door open, I turned around and seen justin. Everybody got quiet.

Uh oh.........

After that momment i felt like my life was on the right path.....but i didn't think everyone was gonna be happy along with me.....

Justin: Congrats chey...and cordell...

Me: thanks....I didn't know you were umm coming here....too

Justin: of course I had to be here for my friend right? ?

He smiled at me, I looked behind him and seen his new girlfriend, I looked puzzled for a second till I felt drea tapping my shoulder.

Drea: what the hell going on??

Me: I don't know....I guess he finally let that little cookoo obsessed thing go?

Drea: Nahh she too damn ugly, I think it's a front

Me: well if it isnt, I'm engaged now, so it isn't anything he can do???

Cordell cleared his throat and held on to my hand, my brother kai was looking at justin, he rolled his eyes and turned to me.

Kai: congrats baby sis, I'm happy you finally found yo dude, oh by the way, cordell if yo ass fuck up this up with my sis, imma have to go cookoo on yo ass, I ain't talking about insane hosptial cookoo, I mean put you in a wood cutter crazy.

Both me and cordell looked at him and blinked.

Kai: I'm just playing with yall! Damn take a jokeee

He started laughing and patting cordell on the shoulder, he walked off to go talk to drea and dre.

Cordell: yo brother crazy...As fuck...

Me: tell me about it......

We both started laughing, I hugged him and kissed him on the lips.

For the next 3 hours we mingled with everyone and ate, took pictures, it was awesome to finally be happy for once, even though I felt something was off about justin, I couldn't let that affect me now, not since I finally found happiness...but how long will that last??????

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