38. Text Message

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So guys if you're not already following me on twitter you wouldn't know this but my update schedule is a little weird this week! I won't be updating Sunday or Wednesday, ill be updating today obviously and Saturday! I'm sure you'll understand! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Sorry if I didn't answer your comment back on the last chapter I just don't have time as I have school and am still not done getting ready! Love you bye! Xx

38. Text Message

Harry POV

From: Jamie

I'll do anything to find harry and end him. Unless you sleep with me. This is the only thing I ask. Now Rose don't be a stupid twat and just do it. If you don't, say bye bye to your boyfriend.

To: Jamie

Ill do it. Just promise me if I do this you won't hurt Harry.

I stared at the phone looking at it with such disgust and hatred towards such a person. His intimidation over her must've really scared her. I heard a bump against the table and turned around and saw Rose standing there peering at me in realization I've seen what she said. I got up holding her body to mine. Her didn't say anything or explain I just held her close to me she nuzzled closer into me in reassurance.

I pulled our bodies apart and looked at her. Her expression impassive and calm as she looked me in the eyes. I brushed my thumb over her bottom lip as she looked down.

"Don't say it, don't say anything." She whispered. Her warm breath rolled over my finger. She didn't look up just stood there in front of me.

"You don't need to do this."

"I'm not letting anything happen to you."

"Don't worry about me."

"I have too, I love you and i'll do anything to make sure you're safe even if-"

"You won't even have sex with me how do you expect to enjoy it with that prick." I spoke lowly under my breath as she sighed.

"Harry, he will kill you, I have no doubt in my mind he would, and if he just wants sex then i'll give it to him but the last thing I want is to live without you." Her voice weak and carried such a pain I've never heard. I grabbed her hand in mine and brought it to my lips.

"Stop worrying, you don't need too."

"Harry if this happens we will have nothin to do with him ever oagain! Please just let me-"

"No!" I bark.

"This isn't your decision!" Her frail arms pushed me away.

"Rose-" my voice low as her eyes welled with tears. She brushed them away looking at me with a rage I've never seen.

"Stay out of it! You're not even my boyfriend why the fuck do you care?!" Her voice now loud and shouting at me from the wall her body was leaned against. That's right, I wasn't her boyfriend. And of everything she could've said that was the one thing that actually hurt me.

"I care because I love you! You're the first girl I've ever loved and if I lost you I'd, I'd-"

"Don't Harry!" She threatened. I stepped back in defense.

"Just be careful." I sighed.

"Yeah." She stormed out and walked away slamming the door.

She came back silently grabbing her phone from the couch her lips in a straight line as she shot me a death look. My skin crawled as she slammed the door shut. I silently sat back on the couch in defeat.

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