Black Water (Chapter 9)

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"We weren't doing anything Sir." Jake half whimpered from the side, his face was panicked and he was backing away from the alcove. His twin stayed directly in front of me, his arm swung causally across the gap, blocking me.

"Not anything that you could prove anyway," Cole said cockily. Mr Azerale smirked.

"Funny, you weren't this arrogant last night. Detention Mr Waterman, I think."

"That's not fair, you can't prove anything," Cole complained.

"I don't need to. If I can remember correctly you didn't put your equipment away properly in class earlier." Mr Azerale said. "And don't even think about arguing Mr Waterman, or I will think of way to make it two detentions. That is all you can go now."

Cole opened and closed his mouth like a fish several times trying to think of reply before stropping away. I laughed at him as he went, then realised I was standing in a small alcove with a shirtless muscular chest. Oh hell, I think I just died.

"Are you ok, Miss Lowerly?" Mr Azerale asked peering down at me with his sparkling eyes. I just nodded dumbly; you can probably tell that when it comes to hot guys I just melt to pieces. Mr Azerale grinned widely. "I only came down for a type of soda called Kas Mas. I haven't gotten round to ordering any for myself yet. Do you have any idea where I might find some?"

It took me a while to register the fact he was talking to me and even longer to figure out the question. My mind was only interested in doing happy back flips. Note to self, punish mind later. As a matter of fact I knew the answer to the question. Kas Mas was a Spanish brand of soda. Jez loved and made sure the school always filled a fridge full of it.

"It's over here," I said leading him over to a fridge that looked the same as the fifty hundred others. "Just don't tell Jez I showed you. She would break my neck if she knew I gave away her favourite drink."

"I promise I won't," Mr Azerale laughed as he leaned past me to pick up the pack of six. For a moment his chest was inches in front of my face, he smelt of aftershave and strangely flowers. He leaned back and closed the fridge door shut, bringing me out of my staring.

"Thanks for this," he said holding up the cans before walking away towards the teacher's apartments.

"Quit drooling," A voice came from my side. I turned to see Jarred leaning up against the wall.

"I wasn't drooling," I said angrily pushing past him and opening the door to head back to the common room.

"Sure you weren't," he stated following me through the door.  I ignored him and continued down the corridor. "What's with the popcorn?" He asked.

"Well, I think the idea is that I eat it while I watch a film. But I could be wrong." I said dryly, kicking one of the doors open.

"Can I join you?" He asked quietly.

"No," I snorted. "It's a no monster event."

"How many times, I. Do. Not. Drink. From. Humans." He sounded so pained when he said it. I felt like giving him a great big hug. I turned around and met his eyes. He looked like he was about to cry. I sighed. It was only a film after all.

"Fine you can come," I said simply before walking off towards the common room. Jarred followed me and kept saying thank you.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Darcy asked as I walked back in. The TV screen was playing When Harry Met Sally but on silent, like most times we always ended up talking instead of watching.

"Got held up by Mr Azerale." I said flopping down on the floor and opening the bag of popcorn. "We have an extra person." I said. Jarred walking in smiling he took a seat on the beanie bag. "So what's the topic of conversation?" I asked curiously.

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