Black Water (Chapter 9)

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"No way are we watching Texas Chainsaw massacre again," Olive groaned grabbing the DVD out of Cameron's hand and throwing it perfectly into the bin.

"Why it's a classic," Cameron complained as he went to retrieve it.

"Not when we watched it about fifty times last year," Olive said as she shifted through our combined DVD collection. We were sitting in our favourite common room around a large plasma screen trying to decide what film to watch. Something that I usually keep out of, I'm happy watching most things. Olive pulled a DVD out of the pile in triumph.

"Hell no, I'm not watching When Harry Met Sally," Cameron said folding his arms.

"Then don't, you know where the door is." Olive said popping the disc into the player.

"Let's put it to a vote," Cameron said, "All in favour of watching this sloppy horrible boring film put your hands up." We all raised our hands up, much to the annoyance of Cameron, even Jeremy. Cameron flopped back on to own of the sofa grumpily while Olive happily placed the DVD into the slot.

"Where's the popcorn?" Darcy asked from her sofa. We all looked round each other trying to figure out whose turn it was to get it from the kitchen.

"I got it last time," Kayla yawned already half asleep on Jeremy's chest.

"That would make it Jez's turn." Darcy said. "Hey where is she?"  Everybody looked up and noticed she wasn't there. My friends clearly aren't that observant. They all turned to me, figuring I would be the person mostly likely to know where my roomie was. Unfortunately I didn't know where she was, or whom she was with. Ethan does not exist in this school besides the dorky nine year old. And so far as I know Jez is not a paedophile.

"I have no idea," I sighed as the opening credits rolled.

"In that case. Ali, go fetch the popcorn," Darcy commanded. I got up as slowly as possible and threw a cushion in her direction as I left. The corridor was empty as usual, but well lit as I was in one of the newer parts of the school. Laughs of other students where coming through the doors on either side. It took me about two minutes to reach the students kitchen, which was full of people from the ages of seven to about eighteen. A few teachers where hanging about keeping an eye of things and helping themselves to our food, even when they all have kitchens of their own in their apartments. Younger students were sitting in their pj's waiting for their older siblings to give them hot chocolates. Older students were sitting on the counter tops making popcorn and drinking sodas. I have no patience for making my own popcorn so I grabbed one of the readymade bags from the cupboard. I picked toffee flavoured, because I knew Darcy hated it. Which would serve her right; she never went for the popcorn. I also took a large bottle of non-diet Pepsi from the fridge, knowing that would annoy Darcy as well. As I backed out from the fridge I bummed into somebody's chest. I span around hoping it wasn't Jarred. But unluckily it was worse.

"You embarrassed us today," Cole said blocking me into the alcove that the fridge was in. Why did I have to pick that fridge? There was about a million different ones to choose from.

"Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't realise," I replied sarcastically.

"You will be sorry," He growled. I spotted Jake hovering behind him. I backed up a step banging against the fridge.

"Ok. Well that's very interesting, now if you don't mind I have a film to watch," I said hoping my voice came out as snarky as I wanted it be and not a whisper like it felt. I tried to push past but Cole put his arm out.

"Didn't I tell you guys that if I found you in a situation like this the situation would be painful?" Mr Azerale stepped around the corner, wearing just a pair of track-pants with no t-shirt on. His chest was on full display. I had to stop myself from staring at him. Luckily he was more focused on Jake and Cole.

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