Chapter 16: What a round bush...

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Well, basically that night... Aomine and you were kinda getting along again.

"So..." You said awkwardly, sitting beside Aomine on the couch. TV was open, there were blankets and cushions around you, and a bowl of big popcorn. It was a typical Disney movie everyone watches, Frozen.

"I want to know more about you." You said. It was kinda true. You didn't know anything except his name, and that he's all about him. Egocentric, self-centred jerk... caring at times, that was all.

"What do you wanna know?" he asked, trying to take a pop corn. "TRIED". You slapped his hand away before he could even reach the bowl.

"I was trying to eat." He mumbled.

 "And I was trying to protect my popcorn from being eaten by the jerk. Your jerkiness is contagious."

He chuckled before grabbing the bowl and stuffing the popcorn into his mouth. You gasped dramatically. "HOW COULD YOU?!!!" You yelled. "Well, now it's infected. Don't eat." He smirked.

"Your jerk infection isn't stopping me from food. I'm immune to your infection anyway. It was 3 weeks with you after all."

"And our parents should be back next week." He said.

"Yah yah, don't change subjects. I wanted to know more about you, we're going to play 20 questions." You said.

"Why can't it be 20.5 or 87 or something? Does it have to be 20?" He said, rubbing his invisible beard like he was some kind of Confucius.

"I don't know. Let's just play can we? Geez." You said, popping some popcorn into your mouth.

"You go first." He said.

"Hmm... Is your hair dyed or natural since birth?"

"It's with me since I was born. What's your favorite color?"

"Blue. Definitely blue. Any shade of blue."

"My hair's blue. I can be your favorite." He smirked, teasing you a little by leaning towards you. And you end up moving to the side. And he scoots towards you a bit more.

"Go away you monkey!" You said, pushing him. He just laughed. "For the fact, I know you're about 3 months older than me... So you must be September born." You noted. "When's your birthday?"

"One of the days in September." He nodded.

"Wow, because I totally didn't realize! Thank you, Captain Obvious." You frowned, sending him laughing again.

"You're having fun, aren't you?" You asked, turning around. You saw his dark blue navy eyes close to yours. His face and yours was about 1 inch apart. You could feel his hot breath and you blushed, backing away.

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