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The blood rushes to Max's cheek as he presses his hand against the redness. He looks up at his best friend, his brother, and watches how he paces the floor; his movements are wild and angry. Raw.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Michael grumbles but it's a roar in Max's ears.

Max's tongue sneaks out and he licks the inside of his bottom lip, tasting the metallic tinge of blood. Not really knowing what to expect, but unable to prevent himself from looking, Max looks over at his sister. She's standing in the corner, darkness surrounding her to a degree that makes it impossible for him to decipher her facial features. Her uncharacteristic silence is making him sad and irritated at the same time.

"Why are you so pissed about this? There's no winning with you people is there? Have you forgotten how you angry you were with me for healing Liz. I've just...I took it back."

It sounds ridiculous even to his own ears. Sure, Michael and Isabel hadn't really brought out the welcome wagon when he healed Liz two years earlier, but during those two years, their new humans friends fought alongside them. They protected their otherwordly friends and were loyal in more ways than could be asked from them.

Even though Max hadn't taken a recent survey of Michael and Isabel's opinions about the humans' involvement in the Alien Abyss, he knows that they have grown close. They have accepted that none of them, Liz, Maria, Kyle or... Alex would betray them.

"You fucking bast-"

As Michael looms over him, pulls his fist back and Max prepares himself for another hit, Isabel steps in between.

"No, Michael. He's not worth it."

Max swallows, keeping his eyes closed as the feelings of betrayal wash over him more acutely than before. His betrayal.

"He did it to Maria, Is. He did it to Maria."

Max opens his eyes and looks at Michael and realizes, on a completely different level, the vast ramifications of what he has done. Because this time it wasn't just Liz. This time he didn't just change Liz's life. This time he changed Maria's as well. And looking at Michael's dark face and Isabel's red teary eyes, he is acutely aware of that he has changed Michael and Isabel's lives as well.

And even though he irrevocably changed their lives that day in September 1999, this time he fears that it is not for the better.


Two hours earlier

He feels weird and out of place as he knocks softly on her window. She steps up to the window, her hair wet from a recent shower. Through the windowpane he can see her breath hitch and the tears form in her eyes as her hand moves up to cover her mouth. She stares at him through the window for a couple of seconds with tears accumulating. By the time she bends down and slides the window upwards the tears are falling down her cheeks.

"Max," she states, trying to be casual while her voice is drowning in sobs. She steps out of the way and lets him in.

"Hey Maria," he answers softly, nervous about her reaction. From Liz he got the impression that Maria wanted this, but her present reaction makes him doubt his visit.

"She did it, didn't she?" Maria asks

Watching her closely, Max nods.

She nods slowly, while her bottom lip starts to tremble.

He reaches out his hand to touch her bare arm, but guiltily retracts it as she recoils from the gesture. "Maria... Do you know why I'm here? Liz told me-"

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