School buddies

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Gumball's pov
Darwin said we should walk (y/n) to school. I guess thats ok.... I mean I just get to walk with an adorable girl to school... This is going to be a long day...

(Y/n) pov
I smiled as I brushed out my (h/l) (h/c) hair and put it in a ponytail. I had on a blue t shirt, black jeans, purple colored converse, and a black hoodie. I met with Darwin and Gumball outside my house. I got to know Darwin more but Gumball didnt talk much. When we got to school I told Darwin to head in. I grabbed Gumballs hand, causing a small blush from him. "Gumball... Are you still on that wolf cat thing? I told you I don't chase cats...." I looked into his eyes. Those pretty blue eyes. He looked down. "T-Thats not it.... I..... might be a bit shy..." he said. Sounded like an excuse to me. But I decided to not bug him about it and let go of his hand. "Alright. But trust me this could be a great friendship between us three." I said as I walked into the school.

Gumball's pov
I watched her walk in as I still blushed. "Ugh whats wrong with me.... Im going to make her think I dont like her..."I smack my forehead. I walked in behind her. Her locker was next to mine and Darwin's. She was setting up her locker and just as she set in a mirror she fixed her hair. Darwin smiled as he told her her hair was fine. (Y/n) swayed her hand at him. "Yeah I bet it is but it gets messy very easily." She said. I walked over to the two. "Im here what did I miss?" I asked. Darwin shrugged. "Just how this wolf cares a lot about her hair." I chuckled as (y/n) punched my arm gently. "Stop laughing...." she blushed lightly. I smiled. Maybe this would be a fun friendship.

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