Chapter XV: Knots (Part I)

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"Lance," Andrea stopped mid stride as her eyes locked with Lance, the guy Holden was conversing to.

"You know him?" the two men asked her with almost identical raised brow.

Andrea wanted to laugh at the situation but with her heart beating faster than necessary, she couldn't muster any courage to open her mouth and form a coherent word.

"Andrea, it is very nice to see you!" a woman, who she recognized as Aunt Holly, said in not so well-hidden amusement.

She snapped her eyes away from the males and smiled at the gorgeous woman behind Lance, "Hello Aunt Holly," she waved.

"Andrea," Holden said, his words searching for details.

"Mr. McKinley, Lance Gallagher here is a close family friend, and Lance, Mr. McKinley here is my boss," she explained.

The two looked at her with sighs of relief that she couldn't quite understand what for.

"Is your meeting of any romantic importance?" asked Holly.

"No," Andrea answered abruptly, "He's my boss," she added.

Holly smiled and clapped her hand, "Then, it wouldn't be intruding if I ask if the both of us can eat with you?" she asked, the question directed to Holden.

Holden hesitated but smiled, "Of course, Ms. Gallagher," he said politely.

"Wonderful," Holly commented and motioned for a waiter to merge their tables. 

The four of them sat with Andrea across Lance and beside Holden and Aunt Holly, on Lance's side. Their orders came within ten minutes. 

"How's the first half of the first day?" asked Holly, breaking the ice. 

"Quite stressful," Andrea answered with a polite smile, "It's Mr. McKinley's first day, too," added Andrea, removing all the attention off her. 

Holly looked at Holden with quiet surprise, "That is wonderful, how are you faring?" she asked. 

"Quite well. A lot less stressful than Andrea's," he answered. 

"How so?" asked Lance suddenly, and Andrea knew that he disapprove with the imbalance workload. 

"The worker that I suceeded left quite a lot of work than Mr. Nelsons, who Mr. McKinley here, suceeded," Andrea answered and Lance looked at her with disapproving that only her can see, making her heart somersault inside her chest. 

"Holden, you shouldn't put to much pressure on Andrea," Lance said to Holden, though his eyes are still on Andrea. 

The lunch ended fifteen minutes later than what is acceptable for lunch time and the four of them left with polite biddings. 

"I never thought you were close to the Gallaghers," Holden said as he entered the car. 

Andrea smiled, "Well, I'm not the one that brags," 

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