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READ! READ! WARNING!!!: Thanks for checking out this fan fiction! I hope you enjoy your stay but there's some couple warnings I should tell you.

This series might get violent, and very offensive to some people so If you're not very open minded person and get offended easily, please don't read the novel.

This series will also involve a lot kind of smut, or known as "Lemon, Forced Lemon. Rape/Non-con. Sadistic Lemon. Dub-con" this fan fiction is dark themed so please don't read this for your own sake, no there will be none Self Harm or anything in the story, but quite some violence and bullying.

There goes your warning. thanks for reading!

Don't say I didn't warn you, so don't come to me and complain.


You don't know what you've gotten yourself into, but you knew you've made a mistake for even taking a step in into this school.

You're [L/N], [F/N]. You were forced to switch into this school because your mother alone couldn't afford the tuition fee on your previous school. You didn't have the wealthiest parents, your father abandoned you and your mother before you were even born, because it was only an 'Accident Pregnancy.'

Surprisingly, your mother didn't neglect you, she didn't hesitate about producing you. All these years she took good care of you, but in exchange your mother has to work as a working girl, in order to earn money to raise you well. (If you don't know what Working Girl means, it stands for Prostitute, Prostitution, Whore.)

This world is cruel, or at least that's what you thought. Until you entered into this school. You didn't expect to enter a place crueler than the outside world.


You let out a nervous sigh, pushing the sliding door. Before you could even enter the class, eyes were glaring at you, nasty words ringing into your ears. Way to start your first day at school.

"She's perfect to be the target." They giggled. You tilted your head questioning yourself, what's 'Target' suppose to mean?

You felt a hand on your lower back, guiding you to the desk. You didn't really like being touched, so you felt a slight of disgust the moment the hand landed on your back.

"We have a new student. Introduce yourself."

"Hello, I'm [L/N], [F/N]. I'll be one of your classmate today, so I'll be in your care." You bowed, your mom taught you manners even though manners is completely useless in this world because no matter how nice you are, everyone would just spat their shit at you.

You stood properly once you start to heard the entire class laughing hard as they can, you can see tears on the others eyes from laughing.

"Oi, don't you think you're thinking too high of yourself? You're new here, you're expecting us to take care of you? You're just the same level as a target, no even worst I shall say." She laughed covering her mouth. You still don't understand what Target is, but somewhere deep in you doesn't want to know the meaning behind it.

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