Abused mate #3

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Olivia's POV
"Mate!" He said viscously, while looking down at my face and arms. "Who dare do this to my mate! They will be punished and kicked out of the pack for what they have done to you! And that's when I exploded... "YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU ASSHOLE!! YOU AND ALONG WITH MY BROTHERS HAVE BEEN USING ME AS YOUR PUNCHING BAG FOR AS  LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER AFTER MOM AND DAD DIED!!" I have probably gained all the packs attention at this point but I didn't really care right now, "You did this to me for so long that I almost gave up but I thought that maybe just maybe my mate would want me for me, but it seems that I am wrong. Now if you would excuse me alpha I have some work to do." And just like that I left him standing there with his mouth agape and his eyes holding so much pain, regret and sadness that it almost made me take everything that I said back, but then I remembered what they had all done to me and I just kept walking away from my "mate" to finish my chores.

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